With over 200 members and several categories of affordable memberships for boaters of all types and interests, EYC may just be the “place at the lake” you’ve been looking for.

Come Visit

We welcome you to attend any event and get to know our members and culture. Monthly potlucks are held on the last Saturday of the month. And we have social events throughout the season such as the Skippers and Mates dinner in April and the Concert at the Lake in August. 

But you can always come sailing with us! Tuesday fun races are a great opportunity to get out on a boat. Come out to the docks at about 6:30 pm to catch a ride. You can also fill out a Crew Finder form to match your interests with a skipper who is looking for crew members.

Have questions? Want to schedule a visit? Get in touch with our friendly membership committee by clicking on the button below.


Membership Levels

EYC offers a range of memberships:

  • Juniors (ages 12-21) can join for just $73 annually.
  • Associates (non-boat owners) dues are $182 annually.
  • Full memberships are reduced for younger age groups:
    • Tier One (ages 21-28) dues are $270 a year
    • Tier Two (ages 29-36) dues are $338 a year
    • Full Membership is $515 (less than $43 per month)

There is an additional one-time application fee which varies with membership levels. You can find the full breakdown of membership levels, dues, fees, and work party requirements here.

Boat ownership is not necessarily a requirement for membership. Associate and Junior members may join without a boat, but Full membership does require boat ownership.

Each member contributes an annual number of “work party” hours. This cooperative model helps us keep dues low. Members do most of what needs to be done—building and repairing docks and structures, organizing events, or using special skills to keep the club operating.

Join EYC

Applications require two EYC sponsors who are members in good standing. If you need help finding sponsors, contact the Membership Chair. Once your application is complete, submit it to the Club Manager. Soon after, you’ll be invited to an orientation. Once that's done you'll be given a provisional membership so you can take advantage of all EYC has to offer before the EYC Board of Trustees confirms your membership at its monthly meeting.

Membership applications can be downloaded here.


Eugene Yacht Club is run by its members for its members. An active and engaged membership has been and continues to be the key to our success. EYC keeps costs low by utilizing member energy and skills to keep the club strong. When members provide much of the work needed to keep the club running—whether it’s serving on the Board of Trustees or serving up a meal at Sail School—it helps to keep dues and fees affordable.

EYC encourages all members to find ways to help make the club a great place to be. During the year, each member is asked to help out in the following ways:

  • Work Party
    Members complete a specified number of hours (or are billed for each unfinished hour). Hours can be completed by chairing an event, serving on a committee, or by participating in regularly scheduled work parties.
  • Ship Shape Committee
    Potlucks are managed by a Ship Shape Committee which is made up of different club members each month. Each member takes a turn, typically once every two years.
  • Participate
    In addition to spending time on the water, members are encouraged to attend monthly potlucks and social events throughout the year. The annual meeting in October is where members vote on bylaw or dues changes.