From the Club Manager October 2019

The season is winding down. We still have a few boats in the water, but we are not sure who won the Tuesday race this week as they finished in the dark. But what a great season!

The end of the fiscal year is Halloween, so I would like to encourage everyone to get their accounts paid up before the new fiscal year starts on November 1. Monthly statements have been mailed. They were a little late this month because the bank had a system changeover that didn't go smoothly, but we try to get those out right after the first of the month. If you have any questions please let me know. And you can pay online in the Members Area of the website (which is password protected—call me if you need help getting in at 541-321-0332).

From the Club Manager September 2019

What a great year we have had! Recently we have had several terrific activities including a couple for kids and a couple for women. And our Harvest Regatta had the best turnout in several years. Finishing out on a high note! Thank you to Dean Mitchell who chaired that event and Rich Johnson whose team ran the races and to Michelle Wood who did much of the shore support work.

From the Club Manager August 2019

This summer is going by too fast.  I hope you have managed your time well and have come out to the club often and have been on the water.  There is nothing better than bringing family and friends out for a picnic and a little time in a boat or on the beach.  If you are wanting to be a part of organized activities, check the calendar on the website which is always current.

 Volunteerism is a big deal at EYC.  Some of the best evidence of members' willingness to help out came this last month when the Thistle Class National Championship when EYC sent a team of six people up to Sandpoint, Idaho, to help out the Sandpoint Sailing Association put on the event. So that was ten days in beautiful and fun Northern Idaho for members of our Race Committee who then came back and worked the Santana 20 Class Championship.

None of the cool things that happen at EYC work if members don't step up, so I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped this club do so much this year. And if Vice Commodore Rob Moline calls you and asks you to help out next year, I hope you say 'yes'.  And if he doesn't call you, please call him and ask what you can do. There are about 50 Committee positions to fill each year. And tons of worker-bee positions. 

From the Club Manager July 2019

Wow! That was fun. Sail School with 90 students (great job, Katie Bloom O’Brien and a legion of volunteers!) and then July 4th with a huge crowd (thank you, Heidi Leyba, Becky Barker, Glen Hughes and everyone who helped make it happen)—all within less than two weeks! Tons of fun and just a little tiring. While we’re all catching our breath, consider coming out for these upcoming events: our potluck and general membership meeting on Saturday, July 27, the downtown Methodist Church has a service on Sunday morning, July 28, to which everyone is invited, and the Concert By the Lake on the evening of August 4. The Concert will feature a Big Band from Corvallis. It is BYOBeverage and BYOFood. It will be fun. I’m sorry to report that the Sail Day event has been cancelled, but it will be back next year.

From the Club Manager June 2019

We are in the Season! The sailing events have been going great as have the social events. Much thanks to Dean Mitchell and his crew of workers who put on a great Memorial Day Regatta with 51 boats. Check out our photos on the EYC Facebook page.

Our next big event is Sail School. The planning for this is well underway. I think we may still need some kitchen staff and instructors, so if you can work some of that or have any other questions, please contact Katie Bloom

We also are hosting an Open House on Wednesday, June 26 from 4:00-7:00 pm. Right in the middle of Sail School! So if you know of anyone who is interested, please invite them out.  We also encourage you to share that event on your social media stream.

From the Club Manager May 2019

This Spring has seen some amazing work done by the membership. The grounds are looking great and the new Youth Dock is a few screws from done. Much thanks to the leadership of Marji Clune and Bob Pritchard and to Gordon Mattatall and Paul Stephens.

To keep the club looking nice we ask that you pick up and clean up like it is your own home. And we remind you to mow under your boat and trailer all season long—but especially right now as grass is growing so fast. Of timely importance is for members to move their boats from the center island in the parking lot before Memorial Day.

The Memorial Day Regatta is coming up very soon. If you have any questions, please contact the event chair Dean Mitchell. He will be happy to give answers. And you can register online here. You may notice that we have several other regattas coming up, including the always fun Live on the Edge Multihull Regatta in June. Yes, you still have time to buy a catamaran!v

From the Club Manager April 2019

The interesting news as I write this on Wednesday morning is the water level at Fern Ridge. I have never seen it so high. The Army Corps of Engineers uses elevation to determine how much water is in the reservoir, so "Full" is 373.5 feet above sea level. The highest the ACE will let it get without worrying about safety is 375 feet. We are at 374.1 feet at the moment—about seven inches above full. But it is changing constantly. Indeed, it went up about four inches in seven hours a couple of days ago. Currently, the inflow is at 4600cfs (cubic feet per second) and the outflow is about 3800cfs (for some perspective, summer outflow is about 30cfs). A couple of days ago that inflow was double that. If you want to watch these numbers online, visit the Corps website for the Willamette Valley and click on the dam at Fern Ridge. Better yet, go out to the lake and see for yourself! And even better than that, come out for the work party on Saturday, April 20 and see for yourself.

From the Club Manager March 2019

Yay! The season is upon us. Pretty much anyone can put in and go sail now. The snow pack is in great shape but now it’s the time in the season where we want rain to fill the reservoirs. Most of the reservoirs are not yet half full, although Fern Ridge is slightly over half full. So we want rain for the next month! You can keep track of lake water levels through this link provided by the Army Corps of Engineers. If you do put your keelboat in soon, please be cautious of the potential for early spring storm wave damage in slips on C, D, and E docks.

We are actively fundraising to help with the costs of building the new Youth Dock. If you would like to help out with a donation, please contact Gary Powell or me.  We are excited about this project which will make teaching our junior sailors in the Zumas much easier. And speaking of juniors, looks like they have a bunch of fun activities planned for the season, so stay tuned for more on that.

From the Club Manager February 2019

You should all have paid your dues and received your membership cards and 2019 Member Handbooks by now. About a fourth of the handbooks were picked up by members at the Annual Chili Feed last month and the rest were mailed shortly after. Much thanks to Matt Sprick and Ancora Publishing for printing our handbook again this year. Please keep your membership card handy as it has the new gate code on it. And thank you to the Board for the chili, and congratulations to Al Avey who won the contest for best chili.

And as you prepare for the season, be sure to check out the always changing EYC website.  It has pretty much everything on it now. We are especially excited about the new Members Area which has all kinds of information, including newly added sections of the handbook and a list of clubs which share reciprocity with EYC.  Remember that your password to the Members Area is the same as this year’s gate code. The Members Area is where you’ll be able to make your Moorage Requests for this year. It takes about 20 seconds if you don't want changes. And of course, EYC's calendar of events is posted on the website as well.

A couple of other things on the website that you should know about, especially at the beginning of the season. We have a Crew Finder that has been successful at matching up people who want to crew on a race boat with race boats that need crew. And at the same page you, or someone you know, can sign up for a ride on a Tuesday night Fun Race boat which is a pretty fun way for a first-time sailor to get a taste of sailing.

From the Club Manager January 2019

Welcome to 2019! On the Day of Resolutions I resolved to sail more this year. This resolution will be much easier to accomplish than the other resolution I made. And I will start by attending a fleet party. But which one? The Santana 20 Fleet and the Thistle Fleet both have parties on January 12. The Tunas are at EYC and the Thistles are at the Boyce home in Corvallis. And the Lido Fleet is doing their winter party on February 10 at the Schroeders. Fleet members, crew, and interested sailors are invited to attend whichever meeting is appropriate. What a fun way to start the year!

The Work Party season is back. Work party dates are January 19, February 16, March 23 and so on. Work parties happen on the Saturday before the Saturday that the potluck is on, which is (usually) the last Saturday of the month. Please come and help out. There are a couple of big dock projects that Paul Stephens is working on and Port Commissioners Marji Clune and Bob Pritchard have a long list of shore-side things to do.

The annual Chili Feed is on January 26 at the Clubhouse. This is the potluck where all you have to bring is your appetite. The Board brings chili with all the fixin’s and even the bowls and spoons! And a reminder that the time has been moved up a half hour: food at 6:00 pm and the General Membership Meeting at 7:00 pm for this event and also for all future potlucks.

From the Club Manager November 2018

Congratulations to our new Board! They are all sailors and racers. Bill Boyce, Rob Moline and Matt Sprick race on Thursdays and Al Avey and June Chamberlin race on Wednesdays. Stephanie Lunceford and Gary Powell race on Tuesdays, although "race" might be too strong a word for what happens on Tuesdays. They are certainly setting a good example for the rest of us. 

The EYC Calendar for 2019 is very near done. It can be found on the website. Please start marking up your own calendar so you don’t miss any of the great stuff happening next year. The club's calendar is a Google calendar so you can overlay it on your personal Google Calendar if you wish.

From the Club Manager October 2018

We have reached the end of our season. Not only have our boats been pulled, but our financial year and our organizational year are about to end. But no worries, they are about to start again! The club operates on a Fiscal Year that starts on November 1, so we will start billing for dues at that point. I don't know exactly what the dues will be yet but I expect a small increase to reflect the fees that we are paying the credit card company. This will all be revealed at the Annual Meeting on October 27. We also elect our new officers at this meeting so please plan to attend and vote.

The last sailing event is that same weekend when the UO and OSU Sailing Teams host the Outlaw Regatta which will draw all the college sailors in the northwest. We are really hoping there is some water left!  

Also on that Saturday, October 27, there is a Work Party to do the annual stuff that we do to clean up and winterize. We get more done if we have more hands helping. A busy weekend!

So the end of one year and the start of another implies that we are already starting the preparation for next year. This means that the calendar is now in pencil and will be in ink in a month. If you have any dates to contribute, please get in touch with me. It also means that the 2019 Member Handbook is starting its annual revision, so please take a moment to check your listing and make sure that any changes get reported to our Media Manager Karen Nousen. I would like to note that Karen is taking over the Handbook maintenance from Steve Chipman who has done it for several years and has been a joy to work with. Thank you, Steve, for your many years of diligent service to the club. 

From the Club Manager September 2018

The Corps of Engineers was asked by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to start sending some water from Fern Ridge into the rivers to help the fish survive in this low rainfall year. And so, as you may have heard, the annual draw-down is beginning a little early. Our expectation is that it will have only a small effect on the membership of EYC as we are built on deeper water. But our friends at Richardson and Orchard Park marinas are having to pull a week or two earlier than they had hoped. We do encourage everyone who has wet moorage to monitor the depth under their slip a little closer than usual.

From the Club Manager August 2018

It is with a sad heart that I report on the passing of our long-time bookkeeper Jo Walder last week. Jo had been our bookkeeper forever. Her dad, Vic Walder, was EYC's first Club Manager (though he was called the "Executive Secretary"). Vic was a CPA with an office out off West 11th. He would send one of the employees to pick up Jo at high school and bring her to the office where she was taught bookkeeping by doing the EYC books. This was a job she never stopped doing until last week, well over 45 years of service. Her sunny disposition will be missed by the many members who knew her. A memorial service will take place at a later date.

Needless to say, Jo's passing is causing an interruption in our bookkeeping. We are supposed to be billing for work party hours right now, so that will have to wait. We have bills to pay, too, and are working to get that taken care of. The good news is that we have a plan going forward and hope to be on our feet by the time you read this.  

From the Club Manager July 2018

We have just finished the busiest two weeks of the Summer. But there are tons of things still going on. Racers can participate in TYC's Emerald Cup on July 21-22 or Lido 14 Districts in August or the Harvest Regatta in September. Cruisers have been guaranteed water and wind for the entire season by our illustrious Commodore Powell. The Concert by the Lake on August 5 in the late afternoon will feature big band jazz this year. And every week, there is the informal Fun Race on Tuesday evenings, small boat racing on Wednesday evenings, bigger boat racing on Thursday evenings, and Fireside Fridays on Fridays.

The Junior Program started its summer run on Sunday with slightly more kids than expected (a good problem!) and it will be continuing until Labor Day weekend on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. This takes place in Zumas and is supervised with instruction from the amazing Chris Thomas and a rescue boat out. There is food, too. And even if none of that appeals, EYC is a nice place to just hang out. Maybe read a book in the shade or swim in the sun.  

From the Club Manager June 2018

It has been a great boating season so far, and I am hoping you all are taking the time to get onto the water. One of my oldest friends is very sick and may not make it until the publication of this Bulletin, and my takeaway from this is that life is fragile and short so we should not postpone time on the water.

I would remind you that the Lido Districts are in August and I hope all of you who can will take part. This will be a ton of fun! And for those of you who like the three-person boats, it is looking like Thistle Nationals in 2019 will be in Idaho which is only a day's drive away. If you haven't participated in a National Championship, it's a great opportunity. Another oppor-tuna-ty for some national competition a bit sooner and closer to home is the Santana 20 Championship this July down at Howard Prairie. We're hoping some members will be bringing back some hardware!

From the Club Manager May 2018

This is going to be the best season ever. We have had several new members join in recent months, and hopefully more will come join us soon. Invite your friends and coworkers to to come out for a sail or come to this weekend's Open House. Word of mouth is still the best advertising!

Tuesday Fun Races are at full speed with about a dozen boats yesterday. I expect four Lidos racing tonight (the friendliest people in all the Northwest). And the Thursday night crowd has been at it for over a month with near thirty boats in the early season's adventurous weather. The Commodore, after filling the lake, has promised perfect wind and sun right up to the end of September. So come on out.

From the Club Manager April 2018

The lake is full! The lake is full! Time to get on the water! Fun will be had!

The new D Dock is amazing. Please go take a walk on it. You will be impressed. Many thanks to Paul Stephens and his hard-working crew for getting this done.  

The grounds are looking great but the Port Commission has several projects in mind. So please attend a Work Party if you are in need of hours. We ask all members to put in 16 hours of work.  The next two work parties are on April 21 and May 12. These are always much more fun than they sound, I promise.

From the Club Manager March 2018

It is not long before people will be sailing. The water is coming up quickly although the Corps and the rain gods are a little behind schedule. Maybe this week's rain will get everyone back on track. If you are interested in checking on the water levels, go to the EYC website and click on "Sailing" and then on "connections" and then on "Water Level on Fern Ridge" and you will know all.  A couple of days ago we had six feet of water at the toe of the ramp by A Dock so almost everyone can go sail now!

But the docks are not quite ready. You may have heard elsewhere but there is an All-Hands On Deck Work Party this Saturday, March 24th (9am til 4pm). If you can come out and help, please do so. If you can't come Saturday, there will be a second chance on Sunday, March 25. We are a club made up of people who are all willing to dive in and help even when they don't have to and this is one of our our greatest sources of pride.

From the Club Manager February 2018

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day. I especially hope you sent your boat a nice card and maybe bought it some chocolate!

The Board and all our volunteers have been working hard this winter to make this summer the best ever. We have arranged for sun and wind and wonderful events. So I hope you have kept your summer schedules clear and available for fun times on the water. If you haven't already noticed, the EYC Calendar is online. This is kept up to date and is certainly the most current version we have. You can add to your own electronic calendar if you like, or bookmark it for easy access.