From the Club Manager November 2017

Well, it is that time of the year. Dues time. Our fiscal year has just begun and our founding fathers set up the club so that we pay dues at the beginning of the fiscal year, which means statements have been sent out. I will remind you that you only get sent a statement when you owe money. So here in November almost everyone gets a bill. We will send bills out again in April for moorage. 

The interesting thing is that you can now pay your dues money with your credit card. The catch is that for now anyway, you have to see me in person at a moment when I have the card reader with me. We are not quite ready to take dues payments online yet, but hope to be able to that soon.

Membership cards for 2018 have arrived! They will be mailed to you as we receive your dues.

The calendar is mostly done. So, if you are wondering when Sail School will be, you will be able to find that on the EYC website.

The Thistle Fleet had their annual winter party the other day. It was great fun and was attended by lots of people including a couple of folks looking for crew positions. Nothing attracts people like a good party. Other fleets might want to take note.

You may have noticed the big black tubes in the parking lot near the gate. Those are the floats for our new D Dock. This winter we will be building that and repairing several other docks. If you are interested in helping on those projects, please email Paul Stephens.

We also had the Corps out looking at the replacement of the dock on the west side of the north ramp. We are hopeful that we will be able to drive pilings this winter and get that project underway.

Not all of you were at the Annual Meeting at the end of October. The application fee was cut in half. It should be noted that we made it much easier to join EYC, especially for children and grandchildren of members. There are also dues and application fee discounts based on age (if you're a member under age 40 and want to be sure to get your discount, please contact me). This is a great time to become a new member!

And as we rotate people on the Board, I would like to take a moment to thank Leta Sellers for her years of service and to welcome Rob Moline to the Board.