From the Club Manager February 2017

EYC is beginning to wake up and look forward to the new season. The lake should be full in about six weeks and the racing to begin shortly after. Cruisers like me will probably not be putting in at the absolute beginning of the season, but we too are very ready to put this awful winter behind us. So what has been happening?

On the first weekend of the month we sent Bill Powell and Nicole Rea to the Oregon Sports Summit which was an event designed to assist organizations like ours gain expertise in hosting sporting events. They learned much and came back with a long report and some useful suggestions. And the Membership and Marketing Committee has also begun to develop some ideas on how to better attract new members and get them on the water quickly. Very exciting stuff.

A related event is a talk by Nick Hayes at Willamette Sailing Club on April 1st in their new clubhouse. Mr. Hayes is a well-known expert on the growth and development of sailing and we hope to learn there too. If you are interested in this event please contact me.

The website is almost totally redone thanks to Karen Nousen and Mike Merrifield. The Moorage Registration part is the same, but everything else is new. I hope you take the time to look it over. If you have any comments, let me know. And it looks like we will be able to start taking credit cards for some transactions. We anticipate that the first will be Sail School Registration which begins on March 1st.

And we are hoping to grow Sail School about 10-20 students this year over last year. Most of the volunteers and curriculum are lined up and serious fun has been promised. So please come!

The surest sign of Spring is the fleet meetings. The Santana20s met last week and barbecued steaks, and a good time was had by all. The Thistle Fleet Spring meeting is on February 24. please contact Stuart Ramsing if you are interested. The Wavelengths? I don't think they ever stopped partying.

We have scheduled the Harvest Day Regatta for August 12-13. A few years ago, we moved this into August in an effort to avoid conflicts with Duck football. But many have never really liked that change. So the Board is considering moving it back into September and perhaps choosing a weekend when there is not a home game. For 2017 that would be September 16-17 which is not the old traditional weekend after Labor Day, but it is the date of an away game.  Commodore Walkup is talking to the fleets to see if they have any preferences. So talk it up fleets, and give Ted some input.