From the Club Manager March 2017

The season is upon us. The first intrepid sailors are out on the water. The college sailors are into their season and are practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And Dean Mitchell has Camelot in the water. If Camelot can go in, the rest of us have no excuse. The first race is barely three weeks away.

We are ready for more members. So if you know someone that is interested in joining, encourage them, sponsor them and let the Membership Committee Chairs Mark and Sheena Schroeder know. Membership applications are available on the website.

We are working hard on all that start-of-the-season stuff: cleaning this and fixing that. If you are in need of work party hours, let Port Commissioners Marji Clune or John Mahoney know. Remember, each member has to get in 16 hours by August 1.

We are switching internet service providers at the club. This should be a big improvement in speed. I do have some philosophical problems with members coming out and working online rather than getting out on the water, but the world has changed and people just need to check in at their jobs. A big thanks to Chris Thomas who is my expert on this.

The Board has decided to change the date of the Harvest Day Regatta to September 16-17. This gets us out of August and is a weekend where there is not a Duck football conflict. We hope you can all come.

We will be offering a free CPR class on April 29. This is an informal class. No CPR card is being offered so there is no paperwork. Dave Brown is teaching it. Dave will also be teaching the Rescue Boat class on May 13. You can sign up for both of these online.

Our new gas tank is nearing ready. Much thanks to Secretary Mike Merrifield for shepherding this project. It will save us a ton of money. The overhead on the old tank was over $5 per gallon—not including the gas!

Both the Skippers and Mates dinner (April 8) and Sail School (June 25-30) are taking registrations online. You can pay for these with a credit card online through the website. We in the office are very excited about this small step into the current century. Now if I could only buy some sails made in this century...

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.