From the Club Manager April 2017

The weather has dominated the news lately. The good news is that all this rain that I am so tired of is filling up Fern Ridge. The US Army Corps of Engineers plans every year to have it filled on April 15, which is Saturday this week. And while many years they are unable to do this, there is little doubt they will have it full this year and on time. Storms can be good. The water level can be followed here.

But storms can be bad, too. Last Friday a front went through and the wind hammered EYC. We had high winds for many hours on Friday but the max we saw was 60 mph at 3:04am. Some of that was from the southeast giving those waves that long fetch to build up which made the docks dance. So the damage report is that there are a couple of the concrete sections on D Dock in bad shape, and there is a broken hinge on E Dock. The section of concrete docks at the end of D went on a tour and landed on the beach at Richardson. The wood docks that we park the club's powerboats at broke up and a section wandered over to the west side of Richardson. One finger broke away but was retrieved before it found a new home. Three of the Zumas blew off their docks and sailed themselves quickly over to the Richardson beach. And one Thistle blew off its trailer.

Much thanks to the people who showed up to help put things back. Especially John Mahoney, Dean Mitchell, Terry and Leta Sellers, Paul Stephens, Gordon Mattatall, Ken Martinson, Ted Walkup, Glen Hughes, Russ Petersen, and Marty Parisien. We have plans to quickly repair D and E Docks. The powerboat dock may never be useful again. The Zumas will get buffed out. And hopefully everything will be good to go in a few weeks.  

We have been dealing with one of these storms every year it seems. Because of that, the Board put together a committee led by Lee Kersh to look at contracting a commercial wave attenuator or even a breakwater. They have had a bunch of meetings with an engineering firm that specializes in these things. It's now time to talk money—and it is a lot of money. We are talking well into six figures. I think the Commodore plans to spend some time at the next few monthly General Membership Meetings talking about this. So please, everyone, come and participate. This question has a huge bearing on what our club becomes in the next few years.

I would like to take a moment to welcome Bob Pritchard to the Board as Second Trustee. He is a cruiser and Catalina sailor. I hope you all get a chance to meet him soon.

I would also like to welcome Dan Merritt as the new Club Host. The search committee had some good options and Dan won out. We think he is going to be great.

Skippers and Mates was fun. Much thanks to Sonia Merriman for planning the party and John and Terri Ward for remembering to take a camera to Greece and bring back lots of photos. A dream cruise! The real excitement was that the club's electricity went out Friday afternoon leaving us wondering if we could do Skippers and Mates. Sonia counted her candles and said we would be fine. But the photo show would have been missed. Fortunately EPUD got the electricity back on about 4:30 Saturday morning. Best costume went to Mike Merrifield who fashioned an old Lido 14 jib into a toga (see event photos here). This was also the first event at which we took credit cards and it worked.  

Skippers and Mates was also a fundraiser for Food for Lane County. A little known fact is that the President of Food for Lane County is none other than our Vice Commodore Gary Powell.  A big barrel is in the clubhouse and you can add cans of food to it at any time.

And Spring Series has started.  Seventeen racing boats put their bows on the line last week. Our Media Manager put up a short video on the Facebook page and on Youtube. Check it out. 

There is talk of a high school sailing team at South Eugene and maybe some other area schools. Let me know if this interests you.

In other news, the new gas tank is in place. We are hopeful that the old one goes away soon. The carpet in the clubhouse has been cleaned. The race marks are now in (thanks Glen and TYC). Insurance has been renewed. Permits issued. Fire extinguishers inspected. And we plan to have a new rack for kayaks and standup paddleboards soon.  f you are interested in a spot on that, contact the Port Captain Gordon Mattatall and bring a bribe.

The coin-op washer and dryers are not working particularly well. And we have been unable to find repair people. If you have any ideas, please contact me.

The new website is looking great. Check it out. We also have Facebook and Twitter and Instagram accounts going and there will be postings more often now that the water is up and people are out on it. Go for a sail (or paddle or row or ride) and we will make you an internet sensation!