From the Club Manager May 2017

I always give credit for a full lake to the Commodore. And so a big "thank you" to Commodore Ted Walkup. Nobody has ever done it better. 

Chris Thomas and I were invited down to Bohemia Elementary School in Cottage Grove by Vice Principal (and EYC member) Laurie Melendy to talk about sailboats to the 5th graders. They had just finished a science class where they all built boats out of ordinary things and were designed to carry weight. The winner was a cardboard box with Saran Wrap for waterproofing. We took a Laser down and had a great time. Thanks for the invitation, Laurie.

We have a high school group now sailing on Tuesdays after school. If you are interested and in high school, let me know.

I am very excited to report that our new kayak and SUP (stand up paddleboard) racks are about done and you will soon be able to rent a spot. The price has not been set yet, but it will be a good deal.

The old gas tank was pulled out last month. This is a good thing. It was difficult to manage. But it never leaked—and that is good news. We have a new tank in place. You may have seen it in the parking lot. This one will be much easier to manage and we can sell gas to members again. At the moment I am the only person with a key, so if you need a fill up, you have to call me.  

The fire hoses are now in place. Our member fireman tells me that they are mounted so that they can be simply thrown on the ground and turned on and then you run with the nozzle to the fire. We also have about 30 fire extinguishers mounted around the club.  Please familiarize yourself with the location of those around where you regularly hang out.

Billing has been sent out for moorage and summer storage and most of you have paid already. So we have billed for everything for the year except unworked work party. And the way to avoid that fee ($30/hour for each unworked hour) is to go to a work party and get some exercise. Contact Marji Clune or John Mahoney if you want to get some hours. I know they have a big painting party coming up.  

The trailer use signup sheet is in the clubhouse entrance. Trailer owners, please use it.

The lawn mowers have been serviced and are ready for you to mow under/around your boat and trailer. My dream is a year where we don't charge any members a mowing fee.

Which reminds me... the Port Captain would like all the boats stored in the parking lot to be removed from the grass island by May 20. Moorage Rule 11(i) on page 47 of the EYC Member Handbook says that any not placed in their proper summer moorage by May 20 shall be moved at the direction of the Port Captain and the owner charged $50. Please, avoid this situation if you can.