From the Club Manager July 2017

Perfect weather and perfect water. That is what we have. So find an excuse to get out and enjoy it. Wait a minute...perfect weather and perfect water are the perfect excuse!

The Work Party year runs from August 1 until July 31, so the last day to get work party in is rapidly approaching. I feel bad for the members who are still doing work party when we have the aforementioned perfect weather and perfect water. There is an organized work party on July 29 starting at 9:00 am. If you will be at this last work party, please contact Marji Clune to let her know. If you have any questions about your hours, email me. Bills for unworked hours will go out shortly after July 31.

If you have completed all your hours, please note that the Port Commission has a couple of big projects for work party lined up for this Fall if you want to get an early start on your next year's hours.

There are a couple of important things coming up on the calendar. First is the Concert by the Lake on Sunday, August 6, in the late afternoon. We have a local band that plays music that should appeal to just about everyone.  Bring your picnic basket and a blanket to sit on and enjoy.

And on August 19 at 9:00 am in the clubhouse we are having a meeting on the Wave Mitigation proposal. The Board and the Wave Mitigation Committee will be presenting the proposal and inviting comment. This is a big decision for the club, greatly affecting what the club becomes whether we adopt the proposal or not. There are several documents that provide background information and details available for members here.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who worked at Sail School. I know I had a blast playing with the Zuma class. We had nearly as many volunteers as we had students. And thanks to the hard work of this year's Sail School Directors June and Mike Chamberlin, it all came together.

The TYC Emerald Regatta had some great racing and was hosted at EYC (I will explain that sometime over a class of wine.) Jac Thomas was the event Chair and did great things. And the Live on the Edge Multihull Regatta, chaired by Roeland Kapsenberg, also went well with fleet racing that was on the same style course as used at the America's Cup. These guys have so much fun I do not know why we have not all bought Prindle 16s.

The Fireworks on July 4th were the best ever. During the day there was face painting, a very short parade, and burgers and dogs for dinner. And the weather was perfect! It was especially nice to see event chair Stephanie Lunceford vertical and (mostly) healthy.

I hope everyone has had a chance to meet our club host Dan Merritt. He is one of the nicest guys you will meet. And he has enhanced his likeability by supply ingice cream at a dollar a bar. If you hear your sweet tooth talking, you will find the ice cream freezer near the B Locker. We're glad to learn that Dan recently bought a sailboat after having raced on the Veterans' boat that Doug Smith is coaching.

If you have children (or access to children who you can borrow) who want to do some sailing, we have supervised sailing in Zumas and maybe other boats on Wednesday evenings (which includes pizza) and Sunday afternoons. We really like this setup because it gets the kids on the water faster and safer. While they play we have a whaler on the water. If you are an adult and want to partake, that is fine too. I'm kind of thinking about it myself.

I should also note to the people who are checked out to sail the Club's Daysailers, we have now got one moored in the water to make it easier to take for a sail.  It is over on A/B Dock. Enjoy! Please remember, though, that you need to be a member to check out a club boat.

And one other improvement to make note of: We have a new ice maker by the back door to the kitchen. Thanks to Rich Johnson and Ted Walkup for shopping for this and making it happen. It is nicer than the old one and, while expensive, it puts out a lot of ice. So please use it!