From the Club Manager September 2017

The season is ending soon. The Army Corps of Engineers will start draining Fern Ridge starting around October 1 and a couple of boats have pulled already. But I encourage everyone to get in a few last sails while the getting is possible. The weather remains very pleasant and sunny (perhaps too sunny?) and warm enough for t-shirt sailing. I should add that our intrepid small boat sailors will sail well into October as will one of our biggest boats, Falcor, which draws 5.5 feet!

Several wonderful things have happened recently.

I am very excited about a new electrical panel we are installing in our ongoing effort to make the grounds as safe as possible. The new roof on A, B and C locker is beautiful. The Port Commission has a very important work party scheduled for September 30 and October 1. This will be the dismantling of D Dock which is scheduled for replacement this winter. Email Paul Stephens if you want to be a part of this. The Junior Program was bigger and better than ever.  And while many people helped, I would like to single out Chris Thomas for his work to make this possible. The Family Sail Day to benefit the Relief Nursery fundraiser was successful despite the awful smoke and heat. Thank you, Marty Parisien.

Our club runs on a fiscal year that runs from November 1 to October 31. We have our Annual Meeting and elections at the end of the Fiscal Year on the last Saturday in October. The timing of the EYC Fiscal Year is why we pay our dues at the beginning of that year on November 1.  It's also why we have begun the budgeting process for next year. If you have any useful suggestions, please send them to Vice Commodore Gary Powell.  If you have any complaints, well, send them to me

Sometimes people ask me how many members we have. This is a number that is always changing, but at the moment we have 216 active members and 52 inactive. And I would add that the Board has decided to allow people to join now and get membership for the rest of this year as well as all of next year for the same price as waiting until after November 1.  It's a great time to sign up your friends! More sailors is more fun!