From the Club Manager January 2018

Christmas came and went without me getting a new boat. So it was a sad Christmas. But there are boat shows coming: Portland this weekend (January 10-14), Seattle (January 26-February 3), and Eugene (February 2-4, just aluminum boats). I think next year we should schedule Christmas right after the boat shows!

This is also the season of New Year's Resolutions. I hope you have come up with a few good ones, like paying club bills on time and getting your work party hours in early. Or maybe yours will resemble the Commodore's. But I hope your top resolution will be to have fun on the water.

Note that several work parties have been scheduled for the year and that you have until July 31 to get your hours completed. Work parties will be on the Saturdays the weekend before the Monthly Potluck and General Meeting starting at the civilized hour of 9:00 am. Talk to Marji Clune or Bob Pritchard for details.

Another thing added to the EYC calendar is the EYC Boat Safety Check on March 18. Dave Brown has arranged for Deputy Charles Douglas of the Lane County Sheriff Marine Patrol to be at the club to inspect any of your boats to be sure they have the required safety equipment. This will be done in the parking lot where it is much cheaper to have your inspection done. Once your on the water, an inspection could get expensive!

The staff (i.e., me) has been busy this winter getting membership cards out to everyone who has renewed their membership for 2018. The 2018 Member Handbook is now at the printer and will be available at the Annual Chili Feed and General Membership meeting on January 27. Come out to this best-attended potluck (the EYC Board provides the chili, the fixin's, the table settings, and the coffee) and get your handbook. The handbook has the 2018 EYC calendar in it, but if you can't wait, you can find the calendar on the EYC website.