From the Club Manager October 2018

We have reached the end of our season. Not only have our boats been pulled, but our financial year and our organizational year are about to end. But no worries, they are about to start again! The club operates on a Fiscal Year that starts on November 1, so we will start billing for dues at that point. I don't know exactly what the dues will be yet but I expect a small increase to reflect the fees that we are paying the credit card company. This will all be revealed at the Annual Meeting on October 27. We also elect our new officers at this meeting so please plan to attend and vote.

The last sailing event is that same weekend when the UO and OSU Sailing Teams host the Outlaw Regatta which will draw all the college sailors in the northwest. We are really hoping there is some water left!  

Also on that Saturday, October 27, there is a Work Party to do the annual stuff that we do to clean up and winterize. We get more done if we have more hands helping. A busy weekend!

So the end of one year and the start of another implies that we are already starting the preparation for next year. This means that the calendar is now in pencil and will be in ink in a month. If you have any dates to contribute, please get in touch with me. It also means that the 2019 Member Handbook is starting its annual revision, so please take a moment to check your listing and make sure that any changes get reported to our Media Manager Karen Nousen. I would like to note that Karen is taking over the Handbook maintenance from Steve Chipman who has done it for several years and has been a joy to work with. Thank you, Steve, for your many years of diligent service to the club.