From the Club Manager February 2018

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day. I especially hope you sent your boat a nice card and maybe bought it some chocolate!

The Board and all our volunteers have been working hard this winter to make this summer the best ever. We have arranged for sun and wind and wonderful events. So I hope you have kept your summer schedules clear and available for fun times on the water. If you haven't already noticed, the EYC Calendar is online. This is kept up to date and is certainly the most current version we have. You can add to your own electronic calendar if you like, or bookmark it for easy access.

We recently added the Lido 14 District Championships to the EYC Calendar. They'll happen August 11 & 12. So this is a great year to buy a Lido and begin racing on Wednesdays!

And this is the best time to join EYC. If you have any friends or family that want to join, it is easy to do online at our website. The Board and the Membership also made it cheaper to join this year.  And they sweetened the pot by offering two Sail School tuition vouchers to new members. So now is the time! 

Members, please take note of our new process for Moorage Requests. It's all online with a new moorage map and new forms which we hope will simplify the process. If you haven't made your requests for 2018, remember that the deadline is March 18. We have begun the process of moorage requests.  These can now be done online. 

If you visit the Show Your Colors page on our website, you can buy an EYC burgee online. Some of our members have been taking their burgees with them when they travel and getting their photo taken in exotic locales (which can also see on this webpage). If you're traveling near or far this winter, you're encouraged to share your photos. It is a lot of fun to see where people have been.

In addition to awesome weather for sailing and other club events, we have arranged for sun on the work parties so please come out for some of those, even if you don't need to.  Remember to get your work party hours recorded when you're out. If you forget, you can always email me.

Last week I sent out the Member Handbooks. If you didn't get one, please let me know.  No, it is not online. At least not yet!