From the Club Manager March 2018

It is not long before people will be sailing. The water is coming up quickly although the Corps and the rain gods are a little behind schedule. Maybe this week's rain will get everyone back on track. If you are interested in checking on the water levels, go to the EYC website and click on "Sailing" and then on "connections" and then on "Water Level on Fern Ridge" and you will know all.  A couple of days ago we had six feet of water at the toe of the ramp by A Dock so almost everyone can go sail now!

But the docks are not quite ready. You may have heard elsewhere but there is an All-Hands On Deck Work Party this Saturday, March 24th (9am til 4pm). If you can come out and help, please do so. If you can't come Saturday, there will be a second chance on Sunday, March 25. We are a club made up of people who are all willing to dive in and help even when they don't have to and this is one of our our greatest sources of pride.

There are a couple of other items on the schedule. Opening Day is April 1. And we are not fooling. There is no actual ceremony although some of the members will toast to it at the potluck the night before.  And on April 7 we will have our first big social event of the year, the Skippers and Mates dinner. You can read about it and sign up here.

We are having a new powerboat built for our rescue, mark-setting and teaching programs. This will replace the 17' Whaler which finally wore out after about 45 years. Much thanks to Kofflerboats for making a really nice custom boat affordable. It should be ready in a month.

And a small note.  Port Commissioner Bob Pritchard installed new heaters in the restrooms. So, until the warm weather arrives, please keep the doors closed. I know they don't want to close, but please do your best. Do I sound like your parents?

Beyond that, the insurance is paid, the permits are in, the bills are done, and we are getting anxious to get on the water.