From the Club Manager June 2018

It has been a great boating season so far, and I am hoping you all are taking the time to get onto the water. One of my oldest friends is very sick and may not make it until the publication of this Bulletin, and my takeaway from this is that life is fragile and short so we should not postpone time on the water.

I would remind you that the Lido Districts are in August and I hope all of you who can will take part. This will be a ton of fun! And for those of you who like the three-person boats, it is looking like Thistle Nationals in 2019 will be in Idaho which is only a day's drive away. If you haven't participated in a National Championship, it's a great opportunity. Another oppor-tuna-ty for some national competition a bit sooner and closer to home is the Santana 20 Championship this July down at Howard Prairie. We're hoping some members will be bringing back some hardware!

I am gratified to report that we have a bunch of new members, and a bunch of them are young and have kids under ten years of age which is great! Hope to see lots of them at Sail School in a week or so.

The annual trailer inspection is going to take place any minute. I hope all the trailer owners are ready.

This spring we have been fighting weeds and yellow jackets with determination and hope to have that problem fixed. If you see a nest, point it out to the Club Host Dan and he will go after it. Yellow jackets build new ones constantly so we must constantly chase them.

The trash hauler has changed what they can take for recycles. Please read the notice on the garbage corral and dispose of your trash in accordance with the new rules.

Long-time members who were friends of Bill and Arlene Slattery will be saddened to hear of Arline's passing after a long illness. Bill, who we all remember as the 'Big Tuna' will be needing his friends. 

The dog policy trial is now in effect. Nine dogs have permits to take their owners sailing. There is a dispenser of dog poop bags next to the gate. Please use them and please be sure you know the rules. Members are encouraged to provide feedback. All this information can be found on our website.