From the Club Manager July 2018

We have just finished the busiest two weeks of the Summer. But there are tons of things still going on. Racers can participate in TYC's Emerald Cup on July 21-22 or Lido 14 Districts in August or the Harvest Regatta in September. Cruisers have been guaranteed water and wind for the entire season by our illustrious Commodore Powell. The Concert by the Lake on August 5 in the late afternoon will feature big band jazz this year. And every week, there is the informal Fun Race on Tuesday evenings, small boat racing on Wednesday evenings, bigger boat racing on Thursday evenings, and Fireside Fridays on Fridays.

The Junior Program started its summer run on Sunday with slightly more kids than expected (a good problem!) and it will be continuing until Labor Day weekend on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. This takes place in Zumas and is supervised with instruction from the amazing Chris Thomas and a rescue boat out. There is food, too. And even if none of that appeals, EYC is a nice place to just hang out. Maybe read a book in the shade or swim in the sun.  

Work Party hours must be completed in the month of July. Talk to Marji Clune or Bob Pritchard if you still need hours and remember that there will be one more work party on July 21. We will be billing for unworked hours in early August at $30 per hour.  

Note that EYC is selling three boats to help pay for the maintenance of the rest of our fleet. If you are wanting a boat, check the classified ads in the Bulletin.

We have ordered more burgees. If you want one let me know.

Finally, some big thanks: to Kevin O'Brien Construction for the remodel of the mobile home bathroom; to Renée Wingert and Heidi Leyba for organizing Sail School (and their cast of thousands); to Stephanie Lunceford, Susan Bloom, and Glen Hughes for organizing the Independence Day festivities. Without all our members, nothing would happen, so give yourselves a round of applause.