From the Club Manager September 2018

The Corps of Engineers was asked by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to start sending some water from Fern Ridge into the rivers to help the fish survive in this low rainfall year. And so, as you may have heard, the annual draw-down is beginning a little early. Our expectation is that it will have only a small effect on the membership of EYC as we are built on deeper water. But our friends at Richardson and Orchard Park marinas are having to pull a week or two earlier than they had hoped. We do encourage everyone who has wet moorage to monitor the depth under their slip a little closer than usual.

As the season winds down we are already beginning to prepare for next year. The most interesting task for this at this point is that we are selling a few boats that we don't use and buying a nice DaySailer from long-time member Ann Bowers to augment that fleet. We still have a nice Sabot and a not-ready-for-prime-time DaySailer for sale. If you are interested, please contact me.

We are beginning the process of developing the calendar for 2019. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. And the 2019 Budget is in the pencil stage. If you have any suggestions, you can contact Vice Commodore Bill Boyce or me.

As most of you know, our long-time bookkeeper Jo Walder passed away recently. So we have taken on a new bookkeeper from the firm of Emge and Whyte, Larisa Worthington. She is doing a nice job for us right from the start. Some things are going to change, of course. Hopefully we can make the system a little bit simpler. As a reminder, EYC’s Fiscal Year starts on November 1st, and we will be sending out bills then for the dues for next year.  

As I write this, the last Thursday night race is still two days away. What a great season it has been! Consistently over 30 boats! And about that many on Tuesdays for the Fun Race! I hate to point this out, but the Lidos and Lasers on Wednesdays are not keeping up. The Women's Cup was won by Patricia Kortekaas on August 25 in Zumas. And on the next day the Commodore's Cup was won by Kevin Dickey. Congratulations to both.

The Social Event of the Season took place on September 1 when Rae Ann Chamberlin finally married Glen Hughes. Glen gave Rae a beautiful ring and Rae gave Glen a ball and chain. Literally. And when the Reverend Shannon Clune asked if there were any protests, about 25 attending skippers all stood up and waved red flags while yelling "protest!". There will never be another wedding like it.

We are spending some money on tree work this Fall. Of special concern is the Big Leaf Maple that overhangs the clubhouse. We love this iconic tree but it is old, so we will baby it as long as we can.

Parts for the new youth dock on the west side of the North ramp have been ordered, and the pilings have already arrived. There will be a work party on September 29th, partly to winterize the club, but mostly to take C Dock apart and repair it. We would love to have a lot of help so if you can come out for this, that would be great. Contact Paul Stephens by email at or by phone at 541-684-0882.