From the Club Manager October 2019

The season is winding down. We still have a few boats in the water, but we are not sure who won the Tuesday race this week as they finished in the dark. But what a great season!

The end of the fiscal year is Halloween, so I would like to encourage everyone to get their accounts paid up before the new fiscal year starts on November 1. Monthly statements have been mailed. They were a little late this month because the bank had a system changeover that didn't go smoothly, but we try to get those out right after the first of the month. If you have any questions please let me know. And you can pay online in the Members Area of the website (which is password protected—call me if you need help getting in at 541-321-0332).

We have a Work Party on October 19. They will be crossing of items on the Fall "to do" list to get the club ready for winter. Many hands make light work. 

Eugene Yacht Club's annual meeting is on Saturday, October 26, at 7:00 pm. This is the meeting where the members vote on bylaw changes (and the Board is proposing one that the staff really likes). Members vote in the new officers for the Board (the Nominating Committee has done a particularly good job this time). It is the meeting where the members will see the budget and vote on a very small dues increase. We will be sending out the statements for the 2019-2020 dues right after at the beginning of November. And it is the meeting that Commodore Bill Boyce starts and Commodore Rob Moline will finish. I hope all of you can make it, even if you are unable to make the potluck that proceeds it. 

The Full Calendar for EYC is online. It is kept up to date. And our website is the best in the business! I should also remind you that we also post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If you do those you might want to check us out.

Some other things going on are very exciting. We are looking at some new boats for youth sailing, as well as for ways to pay for that. The Temporary RV Committee is trying to come up with some clarification around the rules regarding RVs. The Finance Committee has come up with a terrific budget. The Long Range Planning Committee continues to meet. The Board is beginning to look at some of the issues we have with ADA compliance. Rex Ballenger and his committee is working hard on next year's Memorial Day Regatta. And maybe best of all, as you read this, the contractor will be finishing the installation of new heaters in the clubhouse.

The Membership Committee deserves a special commendation. Especially Mark and Sheena Schroeder who process much of the paper and orient all the new members. And Renée Wingert who did an amazing job organizing and staffing our Open Houses. Membership is up and these are the people to thank.

The various junior programs are going strong. We host the University of Oregon and Oregon State University sailing teams and they began practicing for their Fall competitions as soon as they came back to school last week. Our own Junior Fleet and Junior Programs have finished for the season and exciting plans for next year. Our Sea Scout troop is still going strong. And the Eugene City Rec junior program sure taught a lot of kids to sail this summer. The future is bright.

On September 17 we had a decent storm roll through. I remember standing on our bouncing docks and looking out and thinking that sailing in that would be fun. It was not huge wind, but it was from the exact wrong direction and so we had some good sized waves roll through the marina. The docks all got through it fine. A few of the boats less so. Several dock lines parted. And a few snubbers snapped. Who knew those things all had lifespans? Wet moorage holders might review the dockline requirements in the Handbook on pages 56-57. And if yours are old, might be time to consider an upgrade.