From the Club Manager June 2019

We are in the Season! The sailing events have been going great as have the social events. Much thanks to Dean Mitchell and his crew of workers who put on a great Memorial Day Regatta with 51 boats. Check out our photos on the EYC Facebook page.

Our next big event is Sail School. The planning for this is well underway. I think we may still need some kitchen staff and instructors, so if you can work some of that or have any other questions, please contact Katie Bloom

We also are hosting an Open House on Wednesday, June 26 from 4:00-7:00 pm. Right in the middle of Sail School! So if you know of anyone who is interested, please invite them out.  We also encourage you to share that event on your social media stream.

Sail Day 2019 is coming up on Saturday, July 13. This is the event we hosted on Labor Day weekend the last couple of years to benefit the Relief Nursery in Eugene. It’s open to the public, so please help spread the word. Three of our members (Darcey Howard, Evie Poole, and Bonnie Glass) are working on this event. They are looking for boats to take visitors on rides. Big boats for the many who are less daring, but maybe a couple of Santana 20s would be a nice option for those looking for a little more adventure. Please contact Evie Poole if you would like to offer a ride.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has begun the process of making an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) about the operations and maintenance of the dams they have in the Willamette Valley Project, including our own Fern Ridge Reservoir. They did this once almost 40 years ago and the information and science has changed a bit since then. The big hope is that they can find ways to make some small changes that will improve the habitat and migration of some native fish, especially Winter Steelhead, Spring Chinook, and Bull Trout. Obviously this will be focused on the facilities in the eastern half of the valley, but they are interested in our reservoir as part of the system, too. You can read more and share your thoughts here.

I hope you all have a wonderful season on the water.