From the Club Manager August 2017

There is not much to report this month. People are getting out on the water—which is the whole point! We have had 25 to 30 boats out on Tuesdays, 8 to 16 kids out on Wednesdays and Sunday afternoons, 6-8 Lidos and Lasers on Wednesdays, and about 40 boats out on Thursdays racing. And the beach has been busy every hot day. Thank you to all of you who have taken out guests for a sail—it is all good.

From the Club Manager July 2017

Perfect weather and perfect water. That is what we have. So find an excuse to get out and enjoy it. Wait a minute...perfect weather and perfect water are the perfect excuse!

The Work Party year runs from August 1 until July 31, so the last day to get work party in is rapidly approaching. I feel bad for the members who are still doing work party when we have the aforementioned perfect weather and perfect water. There is an organized work party on July 29 starting at 9:00 am.  Bills for unworked hours will go out shortly thereafter. If you will be at this last work party, please contact Marji Clune to let her know. If you have any questions about your hours, email me

From the Club Manager May 2017

I always give credit for a full lake to the Commodore. And so a big "thank you" to Commodore Ted Walkup. Nobody has ever done it better. 

Chris Thomas and I were invited down to Bohemia Elementary School in Cottage Grove by Vice Principal (and EYC member) Laurie Melendy to talk about sailboats to the 5th graders. They had just finished a science class where they all built boats out of ordinary things and were designed to carry weight. The winner was a cardboard box with Saran Wrap for waterproofing. We took a Laser down and had a great time. Thanks for the invitation, Laurie.

From the Club Manager April 2017

The weather has dominated the news lately. The good news is that all this rain that I am so tired of is filling up Fern Ridge. The US Army Corps of Engineers plans every year to have it filled on April 15, which is Saturday this week. And while many years they are unable to do this, there is little doubt they will have it full this year and on time. Storms can be good. The water level can be followed here.

From the Club Manager January 2017

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope that thoughts of how nice it is going to be on the water this coming season has been able to sustain all of you through the Ice-Pocolypse and the ensuing snowstorms. This was finally going to be the year my wife got jewelry for Christmas, but instead she got a chainsaw to help clean up the yard. Maybe next year.