April 2017 Commodore's Corner

Mother Nature has been both generous and harsh so far this year. We have been blessed with plenty of rain to fill our wonderful lake and not so blessed with some heavy winds this past week.

Early last Friday, a wind storm (clocked at 60 mph on the club weather station) broke off the last four sections of D Dock and damaged the remaining sections of it in several places. The four sections that broke loose must have taken quite the joyride because 24 hours later they were found washed up on the north shore at Richardson Park. Club manager Rich Aaring is still scratching his head in bewilderment over how the broken sections traveled so far. 

March 2017 Commodore's Corner

Tick, Tick, Tick …

Just the sound of the clock reminding us how quickly the boating season is heading toward us. By the time you read this newsletter, the Club opening will be just two weeks away and the first Thursday night race of the season (April 6) is shortly thereafter. I better start getting my Santana 20 ready to go racing.

February 2017 Commodore's Corner

As I start this month’s Commodore's Column I am grabbing a few minutes to start writing while I wait for my casserole to cook before I head off to the Santana 20 fleet meeting and awards ceremony. I mention this because I am reminded how important the fleets are to the club. Whether it's the Santana 20, WaveLength, Thistle, Lido, or Trailer fleet, being a member of a fleet brings people into the club and makes them feel welcome.