January 2017 Commodore's Corner

As I start this month’s Commodore’s column on the first day of 2017, I am looking out the window at a light dusting of snow and temperatures just above freezing, wondering how will we accomplish all the work that needs done at the club in January. In the back of my mind I know that it will all come together somehow.      

Much work has already been done before the start of 2017, following the Commodore’s Ball. Under the guidance of Marji Clune, several members spent a day winterizing the club. Rick Gasser, our interim Club Host, has been doing a great job looking after the club and making sure the club is protected as best as possible from the cold weather. We did have a couple of trees lose limbs during the freezing rain just before the holidays but nothing major. The sidewalk between the Yot Pot and clubhouse has been repaired and a drain installed at the clubhouse entry to direct the rain water somewhere other than the floor of the clubhouse. A big thank you to Judy Mustoe Slijper and Anne Ellsworth for coordinating this project.

By the time you read this newsletter (weather permitting) we should have a new above-ground fuel tank installed. Mike Merrifield has been working on this project over the last several months. It will be located on the west side of the club next to the fence, safely away from the lake, trailers and camping area. We are currently waiting on permission from the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) to allow us to decommission the old underground fuel tank. Last I heard, the fuel pump was not working so we will have the gas in the old tank transferred to the new one by our fuel vendor.

In addition to the fuel tank, we are also waiting on permission from ACE to allow us to replace and extend the dock on the west side of the Scout ramp. Port Captain Gordon Mattatall has been working on this project for a number of years. It will be good to see this project come to completion.

Currently Rich Johnson, Bill Boyce, and Janet Mitchell are in the process of looking for a person to fill the Club Host position. Rick Gasser is doing a fantastic job filling in during the interim, but his day job doesn’t allow him to provide the time and commitment we want for our club. The current plan is to have the Club Host position filled and in place before April.

There will be several opportunities to get your work party hours in early this year. D dock took a beating at the end of last year and will need some preliminary repair work done before the lake starts to fill. The first work party for this project will be January 28. Please contact Paul Stephens if you’re able to be come out to help.    

Speaking of docks, last year’s Commodore Leta Sellers created a committee to look into the best way we can protect our docks. For the last few months Lee Kersh has been the committee liaison to the engineering firm out of Washington we hired to do a thorough evaluation. Other committee members are Gordon Mattatall, Glen Hughes, Bill Boyce, Leta Sellers, Rich Aaring, Rich Johnson, and myself. You can find out more in Lee’s status report for the Wave Mitigation Committee later in the newsletter.

If you have not been to one of our Annual Chili Feeds in the past, please consider coming out and joining us on Saturday, January 28 at 6:30 pm. As tradition dictates, the Board of Trustees makes all the chili and provides all the fixings. It is pretty amazing the variety of chilis seven different board members can come up with. There will be something for everyone—hot and not-so-hot, meat and not-so-meat. This year the board members will compete in the first Annual Chili Cook-off Contest. Winner will receive bragging rights (and not much else). This will be the first General Meeting of the year, so come on out and help EYC get 2017 off to a blazing hot start.