November 2017 Commodore's Corner

Gary Powell, 2018 EYC Commodore

I am both excited and humbled to serve as your Commodore for the coming year. Others have said that the Commodore has just one job—to make sure the lake is filled! At times, the Commodore seems more like the ringmaster in a circus trying to keep the action going in the all various venues—from racing and Sail School, from buildings to budgets, and from parties to potlucks. Fortunately, this is not a solo job and I ask you to join me in thanking the members of the Board of Trustees for their dedicated service to the club: Mike Merrifield (Vice Commodore), Bill Boyce (Secretary), Janet Mitchell (Treasurer), Bob Pritchard (1st Trustee), and Robert Moline (2nd Trustee). In particular, I want to thank Rear Commodore Ted Walkup for his steady, thoughtful, and generous leadership this past year. And I, for one, am grateful that he is still on board to help steer the ship!

This past year I marked my twenty-first year as a member in EYC. As always, I took a few minutes to reflect on what led me to join back in 1996. First, I wanted to learn how to sail. As a brand new boat owner and I needed someone to literally “teach me the ropes.” At EYC, I quickly found many persons who were willing to lend their time, their knowledge, and even their spare boat parts. Second, I wanted a place where my children would have fun and build friendships. Today they are young adults, but they still tell stories about the good times they had growing up at EYC (including a few stories I’m glad I didn’t know about at the time!) Third, I wanted to belong to a community where people cared about each other. Of all my goals, this has perhaps been the area of greatest satisfaction. I have watched over the years, as members shared joys and shouldered burdens with each other. People sharing everything from boat repairs and meals, to childcare and camping equipment. We’ve celebrated weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and countless birthdays. At our best, we are like a great big family—complete with our fair share of both characters and caring.

I mention all of this because while I believe there are many boating options available in our area, there aren’t many communities like EYC. And I hope that you treasure what we have here as much as I do.

We have a lot of work ahead of us this year and many opportunities to get involved. Like any endeavor in life, our reward is directly tied to our investment of time and energy. I am looking forward to a great year on and off the water. Please take a few minutes to read through the newsletter and learn some of the ways you can get involved, and keep your fingers crossed that your Commodore will get the lake filled!