March 2017 Commodore's Corner

Tick, Tick, Tick …

Just the sound of the clock reminding us how quickly the boating season is heading toward us. By the time you read this newsletter, the Club opening will be just two weeks away and the first Thursday night race of the season (April 6) is shortly thereafter. I better start getting my Santana 20 ready to go racing.  

That reminds me—I need to thank Michelle Wood for serving as the Joint Race Committee (JRC) Chair for another year. The JRC Chair is just another one of those jobs around EYC that many of us take for granted; almost as if I show up on Thursday Nights and the racing just magically happens. You can find more information about Thursday night racing at the JRC website. Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate with some nice spring weather.

Speaking of weather, this winter weather (ick) delayed the above ground fuel tank installation a bit but things look like they are back on track, thanks in major part to Mike Merrifield who coordinated the installation and worked with the contractors. Next time you are at the club, look to the west side of the fence next to the TriPass gate and you will see the new fuel tank. Another corresponding project Mike is working on is the removal of the old underground fuel tank next to the lake by the big hoist. We should have approval from the Army Corps of Engineer to decommission the old tank very soon with work to happen mid to late April. Please be cautious of that area while that project is underway.

The last dock work party looks to have produced something short of a small miracle. Paul Stephens and his crew of dock re-builders and the fix-it crew spent the last Saturday of February working on D dock. That dock had taken a beating from the weather at the end of last season and was in pretty bad shape. It is now floating and looks like it will serve us well for another season. Thanks to everyone involved in that work party and a special thanks to Paul for great leadership.

As you may already know, Anne Ellsworth recently resigned her position as Treasurer on the Board of Trustees. When this happens mid-year, it is customary that the following board positions move up one position and the board votes in a new second trustee. We should have an announcement on the second trustee soon.

We have a little bit of housekeeping to do at the next General Meeting. At the last Annual Meeting in October, following some discussion by the members, three bylaw amendments were tabled. Instead of waiting until the next Annual Meeting to revisit these amendments, the Board of Trustees will present at the March Meeting a revised version of the By-Laws (hopefully ones that will pass) to the membership to be voted on. You should have received notice of a vote in a special email from the Secretary.

If you did not attend the last potluck, you missed out on some fantastic International faire. The Ship Shape Committee devised a little contest for the tastiest entrée and it was my pleasure to award first place to Laurance and Cece Headley and second place to Sheena Schroeder for their tasty contributions. We also had a guest appearance (on the big screen TV) by Lyle Mayer, who had just arrived that day at Jolly Harbor on the island of Antiqua. He was down in Antiqua to do a little warm-up racing in something called The Heineken Regatta before Thursday night racing starts here.  

See you soon at the club,

Commodore Ted