April 2017 Commodore's Corner

Mother Nature has been both generous and harsh so far this year. We have been blessed with plenty of rain to fill our wonderful lake and not so blessed with some heavy winds this past week.

Early last Friday, a wind storm (clocked at 60 mph on the club weather station) broke off the last four sections of D Dock and damaged the remaining sections of it in several places. The four sections that broke loose must have taken quite the joyride because 24 hours later they were found washed up on the north shore at Richardson Park. Club manager Rich Aaring is still scratching his head in bewilderment over how the broken sections traveled so far. 

And for those keeping track, yes, this is the same D dock Paul Stephens and his crew of dock re-builders spent several weekends repairing and getting ready for the season. Dang. Fortunately, Paul didn’t take this recent event personally, so by the next day, he had a plan in place to do a few modifications (shorting the dock) to make it functional for the season. Thanks Paul, for your perseverance.  

We also need to give a big thanks to the rest of the members (Glen Hughes, Ken Martinson, Rich Aaring, John Mahoney, Russ Petersen, Marty Parisien and several others) who came out Saturday morning to retrieve the section of D dock, the wood power boat dock, and the three Zumas that sailed over to the north shore.

Fortunately, power was restored by Saturday so we were able to enjoy a fantastic evening at the annual Skippers and Mates event. Sonia Merriman hosted about 90 people with a catered Greek dinner while Terri and John Ward gave us an entertaining presentation of their recent sailing vacation in Greece.

The evening before the wind storm was our first Thursday night race of the season. An hour or so before the race the lake was like glass. Shortly after the start, the wind began to build to the point that, about half way through the race, some of us had a bit of problem being over powered. Thanks to our Media Manager who caught the action on video, you can get a glimpse of the race on EYC’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. If you watch it all the way to the end you will notice a tasteful “fade-out” before an unpleasant finish between yours truly and a WaveLength. Fortunately, we all made it back to shore in time for hamburgers. I want to say a loud thanks to Lynn Jolly and Karen Stephens for doing a great job continuing our amazing tradition of hamburgers after Thursday racing.

If you missed the announcement at the last General Meeting, Bob Pritchard was voted in as Second Trustee by the Board of Trustees. I recently learned that he prefers to be called Bob unless he is in trouble, and then Robert works. In addition, Bill Boyce was voted in as Treasurer and Janet Mitchell was promoted to First Trustee.

Other big news (long pause) … starting in May we will once again have a live-in full time Club Host! Almost full time anyway—he will work more hours in the summer and a little less in the winter. I would like to introduce Daniel Meritt as our new club host. Please take the time to give him a warm welcome when you meet him. A big thanks to Rich Johnson, Janet Mitchell, Bill Boyce, and Rich Aaring for taking the lead on the Club Host search.

If you were at the last General Meeting potluck you probably noticed the large barrel that said "Food for Lane County" on the side of it. We would like to continue this food drive for the rest of the year. You don’t even need to wait until the potluck to donate.

Now I need to get back to preparing my Thursday night sailing gear. Let’s see...fiberglass repair kit…check. Replacement head sail…check. Cable to rerun the spinnaker halyard…check. Am I forgetting anything?

Have a wonderful week,

Commodore Ted