May 2017 Commodore's Corner

When I was at the club this past Sunday morning, the sun was out and there was a wonderful breeze on the lake. I am starting to believe we have turned the weather corner and spring is here. It is the month of May, after all, and there is a lot going on at the club.

The new Club Host Dan Merritt had his first day on May 1. The plan is that he will work 32 hours per week with more hours during club events. Currently, we are in a transition with the Club Host Trailer. Dan should be residing there full time by Memorial Day Regatta.

Thank you to Paul Stephens and Crew for more D dock repair at the last work party. They kept at it right up until the potluck started. I thought we were going to need to fix them a plate of food and take it to them on the docks.

Thanks also to Katie O'Brien (and family), Tom & Sara Frojen, Sharon Reed, Neonta Bell, and Sandy Franklin for doing a wonderful job making the flower beds in front of the Yot Pot look fantastic.

Another recent project was a major cleanup and reorganization of the recycle area. A big thank you to Marji Clune, Anne Ellsworth, and Karen Nousen for tackling this mess. A new plan for recyclable (returnable bottles) is being implemented. Marji is locating milk carton crates throughout the club grounds for members to use for empty bottles. The thought is they will be easier for someone to sort and not fill up with a sticky mess of water-soda-beer-wine when it rains. PLEASE put your empties in the new containers or take them over to the recycle center. Don’t put recyclable items in the trash.

Before the April 29th potluck, Dave Brown and the Lane Rural Fire & Rescue taught a CPR class to a group of us (about 17 members). It has been a long time since I have been through a CPR class and a lot has changed. For example, mouth to-mouth resuscitation (ick) is no longer the compulsory method and the mortality rate is much lower. We also learned how to use the two automated external defibrillator (AED) units that are located on the club grounds. These AED’s are so sophisticated you can’t accidentally harm someone with them but you can easily save a life. I believe Dean Mitchell captured the complete class on video so, hopefully after edits it will be accessible to members. One of the AED’s will reside in the club house and the other most likely between the Yot Pots. They are yellow and about the size of a lady’s hand bag.

Judy Slijper, Anne Ellsworth, and Rich Aaring have doing the design and planning of a new SUP and kayak rack to be installed in the next couple of weeks. It is currently being powder-coated for longevity and will live next to the lake on the back side of the existing laser rack. The Board will be working with the Port Captain to figure out an equitable moorage price.

If you missed the last potluck and general membership meeting, you missed a lively discussion regarding the Wave Mitigation project. Mike Merrifield, our club Secretary, captured the essence of the discussion in the meeting minutes which will be posted in next month’s newsletter.

A few housekeeping issues:

  • Trailers: The trailer use signup sheet is in the clubhouse entry. Trailer owners please take the time to fill it out when you're staying on the grounds.
  • Mowing under boat trailers: Mow under your boat trailers, save yourself $50, and allow the club to save the work party hours for maintaining and improving the club.
  • Boats and Trailers: If you have a boat parked in the center parking island, it will need to be moved by May 20. Again save yourself some money… or help out the EYC budget.

Looking forward, big things are happening at EYC on May 20th...

  • Big Boat Launch Day: Contact Mark Schroeder if you need help launching your boat. Get help and help others.
  • EYC Open House: Come out and show off the club to your friends and potential members.
  • Race Committee Training: Once again Rich Johnson will provide training on how to set a course and run a race.
  • Boating Safety Talk: Join Charles Douglas from the Marine Patrol at 5:30 pm to learn more about how to stay safe on the water.
  • Potluck and General Meeting: A great time to catch up with other members while enjoying (your mother's!) favorite dishes.

And the following weekend, the Memorial Day Regatta happens, once again chaired by Dean Mitchell. Come out and support a tradition that started in 1945.

Thanks to the EYC Media Manager and our new website, you can easily find all this and more online.

May the wind be always at your back,
Commodore Ted Walkup