January 2018 Commodore's Corner

The month of January takes its name from the Roman god “Janus” who is pictured with two faces. One face looks backward to the year just past while the other face looks forward to the year ahead. According to tradition, many ancient Romans made promises to “Janus” as a part of their self-improvement rituals for the new year. Whether true or not, it is true that New Year’s Resolutions have become an annual ritual for people around the world—including yours truly. Read on to see some of my “Nautical New Year’s Resolutions”.

Number 1: I resolve to get my boat launched before June 1. That includes cleaning, rigging, charging the battery, filling the fuel tank, launching, and mooring on the “new” D dock.

Number 2: I resolve to go sailing at least once a week throughout the season. I know this sounds “lightweight” for some of you, but you would be surprised how little some people actually sail their boats!

Number 3: I resolve to attend the Saturday potlucks and sit with a few people I don’t already know because nothing creates friendships like shared food.

Number 4: I resolve to participate in a few races this year either sailing my own boat, riding along with friends, or helping on the committee boat. (Same principle as shared food!)

Number 5: I resolve to invite a friend to go sailing for the first time. In fact, I’m already making a list of people who have said to me this winter, “I would love to go sailing some time.” Note: Many also said, “Eugene has a Yacht Club?” So it will be a great chance to introduce them to our corner of paradise!

Number 6: I resolve to read the EYC Newsletter along with  “This Week at EYC” to keep up with current events, activities, and the people who make our club a great place to belong.

Number 7: I resolve to take my EYC burgee with me when I travel and to snap a picture to send to our Media Manager for publication. Show your colors and help spread the word about EYC!

Number 8: I resolve to pitch in at work parties to help maintain our building, grounds, and docks. Not because I need 16 hours, but because it take all of us working together to keep EYC going and growing.

Number 9: I resolve to pick up after myself (and my guests) both inside and outside, and to try to leave the grounds a little better than I found them.

Number 10: I resolve to say “thanks” to the many people who behind the scenes to make our club a great place to belong. So let me begin by thanking Bob Pritchard who recently stepped down as First Trustee to become Co-Chair of the Port Commission. And thanks to John and Susan Pfanner, Anne Ellsworth, and others who helped host our First Annual New Year’s Open House. And many thanks to Paul Stephens, Glenn Hughes, Gordon Mattatall and so many others for their hard work on the new D Dock. And to Steve Chipman who once again edited our Member Handbook and to Matt Sprick who is printing it.

I hope some of my “Nautical New Year’s Resolutions” inspire you to make your own EYC Resolutions for 2018. We have a great year ahead and I look forward to seeing everyone enjoying our club.


Gary Powell
2018 Commodore