October 2018 Commodore's Corner

 With the September draw down of Fern Ridge Lake, our boating season came to an early close. Hats off to those hardy sailors who continued to join in Tuesday fun races up, to and including October 2. I was able to sail on September 25 (as a passenger) and it was a blast!

Looking back, the past year has gone by so quickly. In fact, at times it seems like watching a movie on “fast forward”—you can recognize the scenes but you can’t make out the details. It was a full year in so many ways including improvements to our facilities, exciting regattas, lively social gatherings, and lazy afternoon sails. With that said, let me see if I can “slow the movie” down and capture a few snapshots that stand out.

I can picture our new D Dock finally assembled, floating on the North ramp and waiting to be moved into place. This project was the culmination of a year of planning, thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of volunteer work. Thanks to all who made this possible!

I can picture hundreds of people on the Fourth of July spread across our grounds in groups of three or four, to several dozen. Families playing games, enjoying food, catching up, creating memories. There was a parade, a picnic, games. And when the sun went down, there were the fireworks! Thanks to all who made this possible!

I can picture a dozen boats jockeying for position near the start line. And I am reminded that this is a Regatta”and not a Tuesday Fun Race. You can see it in the skipper’s faces. You can also hear it in their voices. There is a tension in the air as the committee boat goes through the start sequence. Thanks to all who made this possible!

I can picture families down at the swim area. It is a warm day in August. Some kids are playing with kayaks while others are trying to push each other off a large swim float. Parents and grandparents are visiting while their children enjoy a slice of pure summer fun. Thanks to all who made this possible!

I can picture a group of friends enjoying an early morning coffee on the club house deck. It is Sail School week but the kids aren’t up yet. The sun is warm, the water is smooth, and the view is amazing. It is a moment to savor. Thanks to all who made this possible!

As I slow down to remember, there are so many snapshots that come to mind. And I wonder what snapshots you will remember from this past season? I hope there are many.

This is my last Commodore’s Column and there are so many people to thank that I dare not try to list them all. I want to recognize all the committee chairs (See the Member Handbook pages 8-9) who have worked hard throughout the year. In particular I want to thank the Port Commission who worked to complete so many projects this year. To my fellow Trustees, and particularly to Rear Commodore Ted Walkup who is completing his term of service on the Board, I say “thanks.”

Our Annual Meeting is coming up October 27. We will look back at the year past, vote on membership dues, and elect several trustees for the coming year. Finally, we will gather on November 2 for the Commodore’s Ball which is a chance to celebrate our season and recognize individuals who have served our club. I hope to see everyone there.

Once again, thanks for the memories.