November 2018 Commodore's Corner

When I look at the EYC Member Handbook and see the list of Past Commodores, I am awed by those who have served before me. It seems that it was just yesterday that Mark Schroeder asked if I would be willing to serve on the Board of Trustees and now here I am, Commodore of Eugene Yacht Club.

EYC exists because of the dedicated volunteers that provide countless hours to the Club. Starting with this year’s Board I ask everyone to join me and thanking each one for their dedicated service: Robert Moline, Vice Commodore; June Chamberlin, Secretary; Matt Sprick, Treasurer; Stephanie Lunceford, 1st Trustee; Al Avey, 2nd Trustee; and Gary Powell, Rear Commodore.

 At this year’s Annual Meeting, I was supposed to present my annual budget to the membership as specified in the Bylaws of our Club. Well, I did not do this, and am taking the opportunity now to present the budget as detailed below.

Membership Dues $97,497
Moorage $86,935
Other $21,200
Total Income $205,732

Programs $9,950
Office/Salaries $83,155
Facilities $86,786
Maintenance $25,841
Total Expenses $205,732

We have several ongoing projects at EYC. An exciting one is that the Board is moving forward on developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Oregon Youth Sailing Association to help fund the new youth sailing dock project. This project is being chaired by Gary Powell and we will discuss more about this in future newsletters. 

The Wave Attenuator Project which is chaired by Lee Kersh is still moving forward. The Board has asked engineering consulting firm Mott and MacDonald to do the drawing work that is needed for the Army Corp of Engineers to evaluate our proposal and to give EYC an idea of the potential expenses might be in the permitting of this project. 

 This January will mark my 28th year of membership at EYC. Like many, my family had the wonderful opportunity of attending Sail School and learning a life long skill that they still use today. Sail School teaches you how to sail, but it is probably the one event our club sponsors that brings members and their families today as one large family. We get to eat together and relax together over a fun week. So, even though Sail School is still nine months away, I want to encourage everyone—especially if those who have never been to Sail School—to consider attending this year. It’s one of the best weeks you can have at EYC.