February 2018 Commodore's Corner

One of my mentors growing up was my High School track coach. He was a soft-spoken man who used very few words. However, when he did speak, his words were full of the kind of quiet wisdom that stays with you. To this day, Coach Cotton is still one of people I look up to and try to model in my own life. Ironically, I learned years later, that Coach Cotton’s father was a Methodist Minister. In fact, his father once served the Coburg Methodist Church where I would later serve. Small world!

One of Coach Cotton’s favorite expressions was, “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary!” He even had this phrase printed on a poster that hung in the track locker room. And he would remind us of this truth before each and every practice.

I have lived long enough to realize that this simple bit of wisdom applies to much of life. Whether your goal is to be a good athlete, musician, student, or sailor, you need to do the hard work first. And what is true for individuals is also true for organizations. The success of any organization (including Yacht Clubs) depends on people being willing to work by investing  their time, talent, and energy.

If you have read down to this point, you probably know where I am going with this. EYC depends on the time, talent, and energy of all of us. And right now we are in particular need of willing hands to help us complete some important projects around the club as we prepare for the coming season. Specifically, we need all hands on deck for the February 17th work party so that we can finish the new dock, repair the Tower dock and Catamaran Ramp, and complete several important land based projects. Some work requires specific skills, other work is very basic.

I know that I would rather work outside a pleasant summer day. But I also know that I would like my work to be done by summer so that I can enjoy sailing.  o please join with me as we “work” this winter so that we can enjoy “success” this summer. If you have any questions about how you can help, feel free to contact Marji Clune, Bob Pritchard, or Paul Stephens.

And speaking of “work,” join me in thanking some folks whose hard work this winter is laying the groundwork for a successful summer at EYC. Paul Stephens, Gordon Mattatall, Glen Hughes, Ron Wallace, Ted Walkup, and Jim Munson (D Dock), Marji Clune, Bob Pritchard, Russ Peterson, Nick Tabet (Port Commission), our Board plus Leta Sellers (Chili Feed),  Ken and Tina Hoffman (Skippers and Mates), Heidi Leyba and Renée Wingert (Sail School Co-Chairs), Steve Chipman and Matt Sprick (Member Handbook), Karen Nousen (Media Manager), Rich Aaring (Club Manager). All of these people go “above and beyond” to serve our club.

Gary Powell
2018 Commodore