April 2018 Commodore's Corner

“There is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats . . . or with boats . . . In or out of ‘em, it doesn’t matter.”

                                              – Kenneth Grahame
                                                The Wind in the Willows (1908)

It’s that time of year once again, when the tarps come off, the sails are unfolded, the batteries are charged, the gas tank is filled, and the lines are uncoiled. Time to break out the soap and wax, or maybe the sandpaper and varnish, and do those projects that you swore up and down you would do last winter! But it’s not really a chore if it involves messing around in boats, right?

Like many of us, our Yacht Club is also waking up from winter. And while I’m not sure that “messing about at Yacht Club” is as fun as “messing about in boats,” there has been an amazing amount of work done this past winter. Our Committee Boat underwent a major remodeling that included a new aluminum top, interior paint, and solar charging panels. Thanks to the Santana, Thistle, and Wavelength fleets, it will also soon have a new Automatic Start Box. Our dying Boston Whaler has been reborn as a new custom aluminum Rescue Boat that will serve us for many years to come. Thanks to Glen Hughes and Dave Brown for leadership on these projects.  Thanks also to Marty Parisien and Wally Anderson for the work they are doing getting our Zuma and DaySailer boats ready for the season.

Speaking of boats, last month we received the donation of a 1983 Hunter 23 that Ted Walkup is cleaning up and preparing for members to check out and sail. Thanks to former members George and Gratia Robertson for their generous gift. And just last week, Gale and Cindy Morgan donated two Lasers to the club for people to use at Sail School as well as in the Youth Sailing Program. Thanks, Gale and Cindy, for your generous gift!

Speaking of generosity, I can’t begin to describe the skill, energy, and dedication that went into the construction of our new D Dock. Thanks to Paul Stephens, Gordon Mattatall, Jim Munson, Glen Hughes, and a host of other volunteers. Watching D Dock ride out last week’s spring storm was a bit scary, but also very gratifying!

Speaking of Spring storms, lasts week’s storm finished filling the lake, so your Commodore can rest in peace! That’s the good news. The bad news is, we may have additional Spring storms in the next two months. So if you launch your boat, be sure to secure it well (see Club Rule “F” page 49-50 in your Member Handbook) or contact the Port Captain if you have any questions about how to moor your boat properly.

Speaking of the Port Captain, thanks to Gordon Mattatall for his careful work keeping track of Moorage. Be sure to read his column in this newsletter for up-to-date information on land-based and water-based moorage issues.

Speaking of moorage, thanks to John Pfanner who agreed to chair our Trailer Advisory Committee. Thanks also to Susan Bloom, Beth Gerot, Ken Martinson, and Randy Smith who have agreed to serve on the committee. If you are a trailer owner, don’t miss John’s article about trailer standards and safety.

Speaking of safety, be sure to check your safety equipment before you head out on your boat. Do you have life jackets for everyone? Do you have a throwable floating cushion handy? Do you have a signaling devise? Do you have a crew overboard plan? Do you have current Oregon Registration on your boat? A few small steps now can help ensure a fun boating season all summer long.

Speaking of fun, many thanks to Ken and Tina Hoffman for a fun evening at Skippers and Mates. The food was fantastic. And the program presented by the Nousens and Potters was delightful.  Be sure to check out their Desolation Sound video on our Youtube Channel.

So, with apologies to Kenneth Grahame, I’d like to conclude by saying “There is nothing—absolutely nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about with boats at the Eugene Yacht Club.”

See you on the water,

Gary Powell
2018 Commodore