July 2018 Commodore's Corner

“Many hands make for light work”
         –John Heywood, English Proverbs, (1546)

Like many of you, I enjoy learning about bits of “wisdom” that have been passed down over the time. It may just be the “preacher” in me, but then the world of boating also has more than it’s share of sayings. For example, “keeping things on an even keel” or “learning the ropes.”

These past few weeks I have been reflecting on the words at the top of my column. When I look back across the past two weeks at our club, I see am amazing amount of “work” being carried out by an amazing number of “hands.” What is even more amazing is that nearly everyone involved would also say that they were having fun!

Space (and memory) will not allow me to begin name everyone involved, but there are few folks that I want to recognize. First to Renée LaFrance Wingert and Heidi Leyba for a fantastic Sail School. From the Sunday night social—complete with a pirate takeover of the club—to the Friday banquet, it was a great experience. I believe that we had 74 students enrolled this year– an increase due, in part, to offering two free tuitions to new members.  Many thanks to all the instructors, to Janet Mitchell and all the kitchen volunteers, to Glen Hughes and the rescue boat volunteers, and to the dozens of others who pitched in to help. As the old saying goes, “Many hands . . .”

The following week we celebrated July 4. This is the largest one-day event we host each year with 300-400 people on our grounds. Many thanks to Stephanie Lunceford who organized games and hosted our BBQ meal. Thanks to Sue Bloom who organized the parade and encouraged so many people to get involved. Thanks to Glen Hughes and the fireworks crew for another spectacular (and safe) fireworks show. And thanks to all the folks who simply jumped in when they saw a need, especially the youth and adults who helped in the kitchen. As the old saying goes, “Many hands . . .”

Last Sunday we kicked of our Youth Sailing program with Chris Thomas and volunteers getting some 17 kids out on the water. While I was not there in person, I am told that adults stepped up to register youth, rig boats, help teach, and serve ice cream. And at the end, kids and adults did an amazing job of getting the boats and youth sailing center in “ship shape” condition. As the old saying goes, “Many hands . . .”

This week, the Board of Trustees voted to welcome nine new members to our club. This brings us to nineteen new full members and three junior members this year. We also reviewed new member applications for another three full members plus one junior member. We are well on our way to adding 25+ new members to our club this year. Much of this effort can be attributed to Mark and Sheena Schroeder who have put a great deal of thought and effort into streamlining our application process. And to Karen Nousen who has made our website into a welcoming place for new people to learn about our club. And to Bill Powell who has organized several open houses for prospective members. And to you all who are inviting your friends to come check out EYC. As the old saying goes, “Many hands . . .”

I want to close by recognizing Janet Mitchell for her service to our club. Janet is moving to Idaho this month to pursue a new career opportunity and be closer to family. Janet has worn many “hats” at EYC including Board Member, chef, event organizer, racer, and friend. We will miss her presence and hope that she will return to visit in the years ahead.

Finally, I want to announce that the Board has appointed June Russell Chamberlin as our new 2nd Trustee. June and her family joined our club eight years ago. She and her husband Mike were Sail School directors in 2017 and they have two teenage sons who have been very active in sailing. Along with June’s appointment, the Board also appointed Matt Sprick to the position of 1st Trustee, Michael Tieman to the position of Secretary, and Rob Moline to the position of Treasurer. I hope that you will join me in recognizing all of these persons for their service to our club. As the old saying goes, “Many hands . . .”