August 2018 Commodore's Corner

If you ask anyone who has ever been around me, they will tell you that I am person who likes to make lists. I start out each day with a list. I start out each week with a list. I start out each year with a list. And I enjoy the satisfaction of crossing things off as I go along. And yes, I have a checklist for launching my boat in the spring and retrieving my boat in the fall. My family calls it neurotic while I prefer the term organized!

Read on for my late boating season list. Let’s call it “Top Ten Reasons to visit EYC in the next 30 days.”

Number 10: Our lake, unlike so many others in Oregon, is still nearly full. What better time to take enjoy sailing, kayaking, water skiing, paddling, and swimming.

Number 9: The weather is cooler and the grass is greener at the club thanks to the breeze and our 9,000 acre lake.

Number 8: For young sailors, there are three more weeks to enjoy Youth Sailing on Sundays and Wednesdays—not to mention the “Jim Skeen UnRegatta” on Saturday, August 18.

Number 7: For women, there is a great opportunity to sail in the “Women’s Cup” on August 25.

Number 6: We still have several weeks of “Fun Racing” on Tuesdays, Lido/Laser Racing on Wednesdays, and Class Racing on Thursdays.

Number 5: How about a picnic at the club with friends? EYC provides the kitchen, the grill, the table, the lawn games, and the view!

Number 4: EYC has club kayaks and paddle boards for you to try out. Confession: Stand Up Paddle Boards have been on my “bucket list” for a couple of years!

Number 3: There is still time to invite your friends out for that “first time sail” you promised them last winter.

Number 2: The August Potluck (August 25) is one of our best, as members share the bounty from their gardens—and oh, the berry desserts!

Number 1: The days are getting shorter. Enough said.


P.S.  Speaking of lists, here are a few thank yous for August:

  • Thanks to Nancy Cross, Anne Ellsworth, Matt Sprick and all who helped with Dave Brown’s celebration of life.
  • Thanks to all who helped with the Concert at the Lake the following day.  T
  • Thanks to Murray McLeod who organized and ran the “Lido Semi-Regionals.” 
  • Thanks to Chris Thomas, June Chamberlin, Janell Skeen, and all who help out with Youth Sailing each week. 
  • Thanks to the Port Commission for keeping up with buildings, grounds, and dock maintenance. 
  • Thanks to our staff—Rich Aaring, Karen Nousen, and Dan Merritt—or “above and beyond” work. 
  • Thanks to my fellow Board Members. You are the best!