October 2019 Commodore's Corner

It’s October and we are still sailing. We have a lot of boats at A and B docks still in the water. This past Sunday I was talking with our Port Captain as we looked from the large hoist into the basin and he said there is still enough water to launch the Santana 20’s. Finally, this Tuesday, Camelot was out with several others to sail another fun race.

Items to mark your calendar for this month. The next work party will be on Saturday, October 19. The Annual Meeting is on Saturday, October 26, and the start time will be at 7:00 pm. At the Annual Meeting the membership will be voting on the removal from the EYC Bylaws of Article V.; Dues and Fees; Section 5. Rebilling fees. Please read Vice-Commodore’s Rob Moline article concerning this change. The membership will also be voting on member dues as stated in the EYC Bylaws; Article 5 Section 2. Annual Dues. Finally, the membership votes on the following positions; Vice-Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer and Second Trustee.

The board has decided to delay a vote on the dog policy to January. After attending the Club Manager’s weekly meeting, some members, who have enjoyed the opportunity to take their dog sailing, wanted to develop a better method of identifying members dogs that have gone through the process of getting approval, so members would know immediately whether a dog on the grounds should be there. The Board will conduct a vote of the membership for recommendation to the board to either approve or discontinue this policy at the January membership meeting. The Revised Dog Policy will be published in the January Newsletter.

It has been a great year! Tuesday night fun Racing, Wednesday Lido/Laser races, Thursday series races—and Thursday night burgers—monthly potlucks and general meetings, Memorial Day Regatta, Live on the Edge Regatta, Sail School, 4th of July, Women’s Retreat, Women’s Cup, Commodore’s Cup, Harvest Regatta and Steak Bash. I thank everyone who was willing to share their opinions on making EYC a better club. I also would like to thank everyone who served as chairs and on committees this year. Without your selfless dedication, EYC would not be the club it is.

November 9 is the date for this year’s Commodore’s Ball. The focus is on volunteers who make EYC what it is: a great place for people who love to be on the water to gather and sail, cruise, kayak, canoe, hang out and have fun. I hope you will join my wife and me to honor everyone who had a part in this.

Signing off....

Bill Boyce
2019 EYC Commodore