February 2019 Commodore's Corner

The rainy weather the last couple of weeks has been a gift to EYC when we think ahead to summer and remind ourselves that all this rain ends up in the lake. At least from this standpoint, rain is a definite blessing.

Work party projects on Saturday, February 16 will be focusing on the construction of the youth dock, finishing up the swim area wave attenuator, and the beginning of cleaning up our grounds for the start of the season. As with any project, many hands make it easier for all. Please join the crew this Saturday starting about 9:00 am. If you have any questions about how you can help, feel free to contact Marji CluneBob Pritchard, Nick Tabet or Paul Stephens.

Please join me in thanking some folks whose hard work this past month in laying the groundwork for a successful summer at EYC.  Paul Stephens and Ron Wallace (F Dock), Gordon Mattatall and Paul Stephens (Youth Dock), Matt Sprick , Gary Powell, Dan Merritt, Jim Munson, Stephanie Reyes, Scott, Nick Tabet (Swim area attenuator removal), John Pfanner, Andy Nousen, Glen Clevenger, Marissa Balough, Sea Scouts, and others (Concrete removal, C dock), Marji CluneBob Pritchard,  Nick Tabet (Port Commission), Mari and Kipp Hammon (Galley Crew),  Matt Sprick, Gary Powell, Karen Nousen (Member Handbook), Karen Nousen (Media Manager), Rich Aaring (Club Manager), and the many others that I missed that have helped this past month.  All of these people go “above and beyond” to serve our club.

It has recently been brought to my attention that EYC Club Rule A. Ground Rule 21, regarding members’ children, may not well understood. This club rule comes from our ByLaws (Article II. Section 2 and Article IV; Section 3). If you are unfamiliar with these rules, I encourage you to take a minute to review them. The Board recently took the opportunity to clarify what they mean to members of EYC. Children that are over 18 and under 30 years of age, who live at an active member’s home or attend an institution of advanced instruction, have full rights and privileges to use the club (see page 63 of the 2019 EYC Member Handbook). This rule allows for active members’ children meeting the above requirements to use the club without the member being on the grounds.

What if the active member’s child is married, not in college, over 30, and not living at home wanted to go out to use the club? Article IV: Section 3. Guest Privileges addresses this scenario. It states the following: Any member may, on occasion, grant guest privileges to the member’s immediate family who are age 18 or older without being present on the grounds by prior notification to the Club Host or to the Club Manager of the extension of the guest privileges. It shall be the duty of the guest, on arrival on the grounds, to notify the Club Host or other responsible person of the guest’s presence. The member shall be responsible to the club, and to the other members, for all actions of such guests. This rule allows active member’s children to go out to the club. This is not a free pass for a member’s adult children to use the club whenever they want under their parents’ membership. The key words here are on occasion, grant guest privileges.

When you see someone you do not know at the club, please welcome them, and get to know who they are and if they need any help. Please keep in mind that we also have College Sailing Teams that use our club as their practice site,. EYC is all about boating and promoting on-the-water activities, so let us be a welcoming place for everyone.