April 2019 Commodore's Corner

The lake is more than full! On April 8th, the Army Corps of Engineers had all four gates open releasing water. Everyone downstream—especially in Corvallis area—probably was not happy, since it pushed the Willamette past flood stage and has closed highway 34 the last couple of days. But, we have lots of water in our lake and that is good.

The youth dock is coming along and will probably be placed in the water this weekend. All that will be left is the topside boards. I would like to thank Paul, Gordon, Jim, and Marty, for braving the rain last Saturday to get us in the position to finish this project. I would like to remind everyone that this weekend is a work party weekend and we need lots of people to come out and help. We have an Open House on Saturday, April 20 that we need to prepare for. We want our club to look great for that event!

The Board approved a EYC Social Events and Outreach Coordinator position on Tuesday. This will be a trial position to try and help build up youth sailing and build interest in other events such as regattas at EYC. Michael Tieman will be doing this for us the rest of the year. Currently this is a non-paid position, but work party hours are earned.

Thursday night racing has started, and we had six boats with brave skippers and crew out on a cool Thursday evening with minimal wind. With a full lake, and as the weather improves, competition will start to heat up.

Skippers and Mates is coming next month on Saturday, May 4. A member from “Sail like a Girl” racing team will do the presentation. Shelley Johnson has done a great job organizing this evening and has really kept the costs down. You can sign-up for this online at EYC website.

This year’s Concert by the Lake in August will feature a group called the Hilltop Big Band to play. It is a 17 piece jazz band and I am really excited that this group is coming! If you see Jim Martinez, the event organizer, be sure to ask him about it. 

Finally, a little bad news. The clubhouse dishwasher, which is around 25 years old, is finally wearing out. The Board gave approval to start looking for a replacement to be installed before Sail School. I never imagined how expensive commecial dishwashers could be!