May 2019 Commodore's Corner

What an amazing three-week stretch of warm weather we had. In the middle of the great weather we had the Skippers and Mates Dinner, which started out with a University of Oregon Jazz combo out on the deck with about 100 people gathered listening to great music while dinner was being cooked. We then all leisurely moved inside for dinner and then an unbelievable presentation by Haley Lhamon, Navigator/Tactician and Skipper for Sail Like a Girl, 2018 R2AK winner. A huge thank you to Shelley Johnson and her crew who put together an affordable, entertaining evening. What a wonderful way to begin the year for EYC.

A shout out for their great job of getting the club ready for the season to Paul Stephens, Gordon Mattatall, Marji Clune, Bob Pritchard, Nick Tabet, Gary Powell, Matt Sprick and the many others who came out for all those work parties. The docks and grounds all look great.

Thank you to Membership Committee Chairs Mark and Sheena Schroeder and Open House coordinator Renée Wingert, for their efforts to introduce people to EYC and getting people interested in joining. There have be 18 new members/families join since January 2019 with an additional 12 family/members being reviewed and up for approval at next month’s board meeting. Great job!

With so many new people joining EYC, I would like to challenge each of our members to introduce yourself to someone you see at the club that you do not know. I remember when my family joined over 25 years ago, it was not uncommon for someone to come to us and say “Hi, my name is Phil, are you new and can I help you with anything?” Last weekend my wife met some new members that were camping out of their van and helped them understand that the clubhouse can be used for cooking. It is just a great way to learn who is out and using our club and get people more connected.

Last month I mentioned that our old dishwasher was in need of replacement. I am happy to tell you that it has been replaced. The instructions for use are a little different than the old dishwasher, so please read the new instructions on how to use it.

Finally, I would like to address security at our club. The person that stole the U of O rescue boat is in jail awaiting trial for multiple violations. I had the opportunity to talk with our neighbor, Mr. Bangs, who related a story that he had seen someone in the previous year open the Tri-Pass gate using a metal bucket and then driving through. Our gate can similarly be opened. The Board has discussed what security options we have and feels that if we all work at being more proactive and aware and take the time to get to know people you might not recognize, that will go a long way to reduce the potential threat.