Testing the waters for bringing your dog sailing

During the summer of 2018 EYC members have the opportunity to take their dog sailing. This is a departure from long-standing tradition at EYC and must be approached with care. All members should recognize the fact that some members are very much against giving this change in dog policy a one-summer trial. To help make this trial a success, dog owners must adhere to the Dog Policy in exact detail and must also register their dog(s) before bringing them onto their boats.

The EYC Board of Trustees wants your feedback on how the Dog Policy works during the summer of 2018 (June 1 to September 3). If you observe this trial policy working—or not working—please email or call John Pfanner or the Club Manager. Members are encouraged to provide general feedback and to report violations using the online forms below.

Dog Owners can register their dogs online by clicking on the button below.


Members are encouraged to provide feedback on how they see the Dog Policy working during the trial period.


If a member of EYC observes a violation of the dog policy, report your complaint here.


EyC Dog Policy

Trial period is June 1 to September 3, 2018.
Please note that this modification of the EYC pet policy pertains to dogs only. All other pets continue to be prohibited on EYC grounds.

  1. Dogs must have current tags, license and shots.
  2. Dogs must be socialized with people and other dogs, always under control. Persistent barking will not be tolerated.
  3. Dogs must be kept on a 6 foot or shorter leash.
  4. Dogs are not allowed in the grassy areas of the club.
  5. Dogs may board the owners boat from any EYC dock. Owner is to walk, or carry, the dog via gravel or concrete walkways.
  6. The dog must be escorted to and from the boat in a timely manner. Do not walk the dog in the children’s play area.
  7. Dog owners’ vehicles should be parked under the shade trees at the north end of EYC’s gravel parking lot in the vicinity of the gas pumping station.
  8. It is recommended that dogs be exercised along Bangs Road prior to taking the dog sailing to help the dog relax and be calm while sailing.
  9. It is recommended that dogs be fitted for and wear a life jacket.
  10. Dogs are allowed on sail or powerboats. Zuma and Laser sailboats are excluded from this policy because of the potential of the dogs’ interaction with other members and the probability of the dog swimming around the boat.
  11. If a member wishes to have their dog onboard during Thursday night races the dog must be loaded and unloaded from “A” dock. This policy is in place to avoid distractions in the congested hoist area.
  12. Dogs are not allowed to swim while on EYC grounds or adjacent waters.
  13. Dogs may not be left unattended on sailboats. Dogs are not allowed to stay on moored boats overnight.
  14. Dogs are not allowed on EYC club boats.
  15. After sailing, dogs must be returned to the owner's vehicle.
  16. Dogs should not be left unattended in vehicles on EYC grounds.
  17. The dog owner MUST clean up after their dog and dispose of the waste in a sealed container and placed in an appropriate garbage can. There is a dog waste bag station on the fence near the gate.
  18. Dogs are not allowed in EYC buildings, on EYC irrigated grass areas, or in tents or trailers.
  19. Dogs should not be brought on the grounds during regattas, Sail School, major EYC events or large member-hosted events. Contact the Club manager if you have questions. 
  20. Dog privileges are available to Full Members only and only for the family dog. No guest dogs are allowed.

Members who wish to bring their dog sailing must register their dog, agree to abide by the Dog Policy, and receive approval from the Club Manager before bringing a dog onto EYC grounds.

Members with dogs on EYC grounds agree to hold the club harmless for their dogs' actions while on EYC grounds.

If any dog is reported acting aggressively or is reported in flagrant violation of the EYC Dog Policy rules, the dog owner's privilege will be revoked.

Any violation of the Dog Policy should be reported immediately to the Club Manager, the Commodore, or John Pfanner. Violations can also be reported online (see above). All complaints and violations will be reviewed.