Thursday Night Racer Registration Now Online

by Michelle Wood
Joint Race Committee

It's time to register your boat if you're going to race on Thursdays. Everyone needs to update their information by March 15. We have a new online form that makes it easier than ever to get registered. This new form does not require you to provide the names of your crew.

If you need a paper registration form, please email me.

The JRC wants to do the job of filling in the duty roster before we start racing on April 1. It really helps to have most people registered when we first make the schedule. This lets us confirm RC/Rescue assignments for the first few weeks and fill in the rest of the season so that people have time to trade back and forth if they need to. The more registrants we have to schedule, the easier it is to avoid taking two boats out of a fleet on the same night, and avoid assigning boats to RC/Rescue the week before their National Championships.

Registration is required to be scored for the series. If you sail a boat that is not registered you are not entitled to consideration under the RRS and are subject only to the regular rules of the road. This has major insurance implications if you ‘race’ and there is an event that causes damage or injury. So, please stay out of the way of racers if you are not registered. If you really want to race an unregistered boat, you can be scored for the evening (but not the series) and considered ‘racing’ under the definitions if you check in with the RC on the water and notify them of your sail number and your intent to race a non-registered boat. This exception is really intended to allow members to race a new boat, and only for a short time like a week or two (you must let the RC know each time you race a non-registered boat—it doesn’t carry over from week-to-week).

The bottom line is that for many reasons, you need to register your boat as soon as possible! Thanks!

For more information on Thursday night racing, visit the JRC website.