How Many Thistle Sailors Does It Take to Screw Up a Dock?

by Stuart Ramsing, Thistle Fleet 118 Captain

Ten, based on the small work-party that labored to make repairs while the water was low. The project was to restore the wood “bumpers” covering the concrete at the small hoist dock wall. The repair is intended to add one or two seasons before a more extensive project is necessary. One new feature is a ladder that will make it easier to get in and out of the boats with low water. 

Sharing the Wealth
Thistle Fleet 118 donated $250 to each of the UO and the OSU sailing programs and challenges the Club and other Fleets to similarly support the college club teams. This is just one way to recognize the important role collegiate sailing plays in the life of the sport we love.

The fleet also shared with its sister fleets in Portland and Seattle $1000 each for their support of the National Championship Regatta last summer. The event was a huge success for the Class and reflected wonderfully on EYC. 

Developing a Future
The Fleet is focusing our passion for the Thistle while charting a course forward. We are creating a vibrant story of the future limited only by our own imagination. Some of the themes include an existing sense of community that we want to nurture and grow. We must develop teaching tools and expertise beyond our current capacity. In a world increasingly going to YouTube for inquiry and learning, there are very few quality videos out there and we may need to develop our own.  

Most important is our recognition that the future of Thistle sailing depends on a critical mass of enthusiasts to sustain the fleet year after year. To that end, we are developing options to introduce potential sailors to the thistle while preserving our competitive Thursday night racing. We are looking to Tuesday evening sailing with a more relaxed atmosphere.