February 25 Work Party Plans

by Paul Stephens, Port Commission

While there will be a good deal of general maintenance and repair happening at the next Work Party on February 25, much of the effort will be in support of getting D Dock into shape for the next sailing season.

The January work party was focused on saving the outer portion of D Dock as the water had not come up sufficiently to allow for work to be completed on the inner broken sections. Plans for the February 25 work party will also be dependent on water level. We need it to be about 367 feet to float the inner sections that need attention. The Corps has lowered the lake to around 365 feet and may take it lower yet in anticipation of the rainfall expected later this week. This may limit our repair options to the outer section that is broken and secured by link chains.

We have new material (whalers) on order. They are expected to arrive the day before the work party, so we will need to haul them to the club. We're working on getting a trailer big enough to handle the approximately 2,800 pounds of all the new whalers.

Here's what we want to happen at the February 25 work party:

  • Move the whalers for D Dock into position.
  • Cut some of the 20 foot lengths to meet required lengths for dock repairs.
  • Sort through EYC's collection of tie rods to identify those with usable threads.
  • Chase threads on damaged tie rods to make them serviceable.
  • Sort through bits and pieces of shorter whaler lengths and move usuable lengths to D Dock.
  • Stack and mark the broken whalers for eventual disposal.
  • Sort through bolt bins to locate usable nuts and washers.

If someone is available the weekend before the next work party to inventory and consolidate the supplies EYC already has, it would give us a better idea of what needs to be purchased.

There will be some heavy lifting involved in some of this dock work, so I'd love to see some able-bodied volunteers turn out.

The work done over the next two scheduled work parties is intended to make D Dock as serviceable as practical through the sailing season. The plan going forward is to dismantle D Dock in the fall at the end of the season while the lake is still up. When the lake is down to winter pool levels again, we will need to remove the concrete that has fallen off the floats over the last several years. This broken concrete is largely responsible for the current damage to D Dock and must be removed prior to moving a replacement D Dock into position in 2018.

If you are able to help with this effort, please come lend a hand. Contact me with your questions or to confirm your attendance by email or by phone (541-915-5063).