Member Moorage Requests

Each year, members of EYC need to let the Port Captain know what they need in terms of moorage for their watercraft, whether it's a wet moorage for a 28-footer or a rack space for their paddleboard. All watercraft and trailers kept on EYC grounds must be registered with the Port Captain.

Members make requests to keep current assignments, make changes, add or drop moorage, but nothing is final until the Port Captain approves the request, makes an assignment, and updates the Moorage Map.

Moorage Requests for the 2019 season must be submitted by March 17, 2019.

Please follow these steps to make your 2019 Moorage Request.


Step 1

Use the moorage map to find your current moorage or to see what moorage is available.

Click on the search icon (magnifying glass), type in your last name, and your current moorage(s) will be displayed. Click on the moorage to get more information about the boat assigned to that spot.

Of course, other search terms may be useful (e.g. "Available", OR number, "Row A", etc.). You can click on items returned by your search to get more information and to see where the selected moorage is located on the map.


Step 2

Decide which Moorage Request Form you need to fill out. Keep in mind that you may need to submit more than one request depending on your needs.

No Changes Needed
If you would like to keep all of your existing moorage assignments, use the form below and you are done!



Almost No Changes Needed
If you have multiple existing moorages and would like to change any of your assignments, fill out the Keep Moorage the Same Form (above) and fill out the Request to Change Moorage Form (below). Possible requests may include:

  • Moving your current moorage assignment
    Example: you want to move one of your boats from Dock B4 to Dock A6 or move your laser closer to the lake.

  • Changing the boat in an existing moorage
    Example: you bought a new Thistle and want to put it into your current slip.

  • Dropping an existing moorage assignment
    Example: you sold your Catalina 22 or your Laser and no longer need moorage

Fill out one Request to Change Moorage Form for each change you want to make.



New Boat Moorage Needed
If you need moorage for a new boat or if you are a new member who has a boat (or other watercraft) that needs moorage, use the form below.



Keep in mind that moorage requests are not final until they are approved by the Port Captain. Once approved, they will be updated on the online Moorage Map and posted on EYC grounds at the Yot Pot. Moorage billing will be sent to members once assignments have been made.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Port Captain.