Port Captain Report October 2018

I will be checking and billing any boat that is on the grounds for winter storage in the first two weeks of November. I take pictures of all the boats on the grounds at the end of year. If your boat is on the grounds when I check you will be billed for the total winter storage. There will be no prorating after EYC has billed.

Everyone that is keeping a boats (or boats) on the grounds, please be sure that your name and OR numbers are on the trailer as this helps in the checking of boats. Also please orient boats in the center island facing west and those along the fence facing east.

When the lake drains, we will need to remove the old broken parts of C Dock and we will be driving piles for the youth dock. So please do not park boats on the area by the fuel tank as we need to get at the piles that are stored there when the driving starts.

 When we receive the hardware for the new docks this winter, then the real fun will start. Hope to see you at a work party then!

Port Captain Report September 2018

As the season comes to a close, there are several issues that have come to my attention. Please read through all these to see what might apply to you as things wind up for the sailing year.

  1. If you have not cleaned up under your boat, please do so. This includes picking up all plastic and metal bottle caps. Cut the grass and clean up any weeds that may become trees over the winter.

  2. I will be checking and billing any boats that are on the grounds for winter storage in the first two weeks of November. If your boat is on the grounds when I check, you will be billed for the total winter storage. There will be no prorating after billing. If your boat is on the grounds when I do the counts, it will be billed. Even if I check on Saturday and you remove your boat on Sunday, you will be billed for winter storage. Refer to the by-laws Article V, section 4 for more information.

  3. If you are planning to store your boat on the grounds this winter, please store boats on the island with bows facing west and store boats on the back fence with bows facing east. Your name and OR numbers should be on your trailer. This keeps me from removing any part of your cover to check the OR numbers on the boat. I have the most problems with catamarans, so if you like the way you cover your boat and don’t want me messing it up, be sure to have your OR number on the tongue of your trailer. I will remove the cover to find OR numbers, and if it is raining I may not replace it.

  4. For wet-moorage holders, take some time to think about any issues with your slip and contact me about what might need to be addressed. It’s much easier to deal with issues while the water is out. Please remove the spacer boards that cover the dock-to-slip gap. Secure to your slip as they sometimes get removed when the weather is bad. Check the dock pins and hairpin clips that attach the slips to the docks. Look at the tie bars that hold the hinges together. If anything is broken or looks cracked, please tell Paul Stephens, or myself so we can get it repaired before winter storms blow in. Check the hoops around your boat for any defects.

  5. As you may have heard, we have Corps approval to install the Youth dock and move the Zuma dock. We are receiving the piles and will be placing the orders for the dock hardware and lumber soon. So stay tune for more fun-filled work parties this winter

Port Captain Report August 2018

Here we are in August, and I'm happy to say that the lake is in great shape, just like last year.

We need to remove a section of Dock C and repair and increase the dock section length of 60 feet this fall. We are getting piles ready to drive. I just received the invoice for the pipe and am setting up a time to receive them at the club.

We also plan to clean up the lake bottom to help the last of the concrete floating dock hold together for several more years. This needs to be done before the lake drops. We cannot leave the section on the ramp, as we need to have it open to drive the piles for the new youth dock. There will be a work party on September 29, so please come out to help if you can.

Port Captain Report July 2018

Here we are at the last month that this year's work party hours can be performed for 2018. There are a couple of projects that need to be done. Please contact Paul Stephens, Bob Pritchard, or Marji Clune for the list. Also remember that you need to keep the grass under control (mowed) under your boat/trailer. With the dry weather that we are having and projected into the future we need to be proactive about the long grass and weeds.

Please remember if you are using someone else’s slip to contact that person before mooring your boat. There are several slips on E-dock that can be used, but if the slip has mooring line someone is already using that slip. I know that this is an obvious statement—it is just a reminder.    

Port Captain Report June 2018

I believe that I have taken care of all moorage issues, but if I have missed any, please contact me. You can check your moorage on the website or on the moorage board at the Yot Pot.

Also be aware that I will be checking for current OR registration on the laser rack as we are receiving so many requests for slips by the water. If your registration is not current, your watercraft will be moved to the new back rack. I have several people that would like to have a moorage in the laser rack who have current registration and who are regularly out sailing their boats. This will make the best use of these slips with highly prized locations (see Moorage Rule 11a). So if you do not wish to lose your laser rack moorage, then get current OR numbers. I have had several people send me scans of the temporary registration and that will work. At this time there are 12 watercraft without current registration in the rack. 

Port Captain Report May 2018

Memorial Day Regatta is coming up soon, and I would like to request that those with boats and trailers in the center parking area get them moved to the back row along the west fence. If you plan to put your boat in before the regatta, there is no need to move it beforehand. But we do need the center island to be clear before the regatta to welcome our visiting sailors.

I would also like to request once more that as you use the floating docks, please check your hinge pins and hairpin clips. If a clip breaks, it can be replaced before the hinge pin falls out. The clips are a lot less expensive then the pins. Also look at the cross-members for the 3/8 hinge plates on Dock C. If they are cracked or missing, let Paul Stephens or myself know so we can address that issue before it becomes a problem. This year we are running a test on several fingers that have bolts and not hinge pin and hairpin clips. We will be watching to how well they hold up.

Port Captain Report April 2018

Looks like we are going to have another good water year. The Army Corps of Engineers has not open the gate this year and we are a little less than a foot above the curve and about a foot below having full pool. We are at about the same place as last year at this time. With a new storm hitting last weekend, things are looking good. The new D Dock is looking good, too. Many thanks to all the people that helped with assembly, floating, and mounting of hoops and fingers. 

Moorage has been assigned and bills will soon be arriving. You can find lists of names and moorage spots on the Port Captain Board by the Yot Pot. These are up-to-date as of the April 2. The website map is also current through the end of last month. Members are changing, moving, or adding new boats at a fast clip, so be patient if your requests are not immediately reflected. I will post a new moorage hard copy at the end of April. If you would like to move to a spot that you think is open, please send a request by the moorage request page on the website and I will contact you if it is open.

Port Captain Report March 2018

There are just a couple of days left to get your moorage request(s) to me. This year all moorage requests should be made online. You'll find instructions on the website. Requests are due by the March 18, so get yours done soon or risk losing your spot! If you have questions or are unable to make your request online, please contact me.

At this writing the lake fill is a little behind target. I am looking forward to a year with good water if we get a little more rain. The long range forecast is an inch below normal for March, so I see no reason to not believe that we will have full pool this year. Having said that, as of March 7,  we need 4.5 inches of rain for 60,430 acre feet of water and we are 58,500 acre feet to full pool. This takes in the fact that the warmer it gets, the more plants will start taking in water.

Port Captain Report February 2018

We have had little rain this year, and at this point are below the curve. Fortunately, the best rainfall to fill the lake comes in February, March, and April. It doesn't hurt to start those rain dances to get things going. There is very little snow in the mountain, and while we do not use snow melt to fill the lake, it is possible that the Army Corps of Engineers may draw on Fern Ridge to replace the water they usually get from Detroit Lake which is closed this year, so perhaps a snow dance is a good idea, too.

As you probably have already heard, it is time to get your Moorage Requests made for 2018. This year it is all online. Please see the email sent earlier this week or the article below for more details. Your moorage requests are due by the March 18. If you have any questions or are unable to register online, please contact me

Port Captain Report January 2018

It's time to start thinking about moorage. This year registration will still be on the EYC website, but it will be a little different. More details on that will be coming very soon.

This year we will have EYC stickers for all watercraft that do not need an ORnumber. It was no problem tracking the 2 or 3 kayaks and paddleboards we used to have moored at the club. But with the number increasing, we had to come up with a way for the poor Port Captain to keep track of all these new watercraft being moored on the grounds.

Port Captain Report November 2017

I will be checking and billing any boat that is on the grounds for winter storage soon. If your boat is on the grounds when I check you will be billed for the total winter storage. As I have done in the past,  I will be taking pictures of all boats on the grounds. There will be no prorating after EYC has billed.

If you park in the island, have your boat facing west and your name and OR numbers on the tongue of your trailer. That way I will not need to remove your cover to read your OR numbers. Ground rules require you to have your name on the tongue of your trailer.

Port Captain Report October 2017

It was great seeing all the help that we had on the removal of D dock last month. Many thanks to everyone who helped. We also need to remove the fingers from C dock before the lake is too low. Let me know if you can help. I can also be out in the middle of the week if that works for you.

As the season comes to a close, the issue of boats on the grounds arises. When I check boats on EYC grounds, I take picture of all of them there at the end of the year. This photo record is the basis for billing winter storage.

Port Captain Report September 2017

As the seasons is coming to a close there are several issues that have come to my attention that I'd like to bring to yours.

I will be checking and billing any boat that is on the grounds for winter storage in the first two weeks of November. If your boat is on the grounds when I check, you will be billed for the total winter storage. There will be no prorating after billing. If your boat is on the grounds when I do the counts, it will be billed. So if I check on Saturday and you remove on Sunday you will still be billed for winter storage. (Check Article V, Section 4 of the EYC Bylaws)

Port Captain Report June 2017

As you are using your boat this season, please look at the hoops, hinge pins, hinges, and tie-bars for the hinges and if you see cracks or other item that need attention please take care of them. On C and D dock look under the mats that cover the hinge points and the small hinges. 

If making repairs is above your skill or comfort level, please contact John Mahoney or Paul Stephens, or you can email me and I will forward your message to John or Paul.

Port Captain Report May 2017

We have regattas coming up which means it's time for everyone to get their boats out of the center parking area. If you are not planning to put your boat in the next couple of weekends, please move it to the back row along the fence on the west side of the grounds. This will open up the center parking area and give the club a more yacht-friendly look.