Port Captain Report October 2017

It was great seeing all the help that we had on the removal of D dock last month. Many thanks to everyone who helped. We also need to remove the fingers from C dock before the lake is too low. Let me know if you can help. I can also be out in the middle of the week if that works for you.

As the season comes to a close, the issue of boats on the grounds arises. When I check boats on EYC grounds, I take picture of all of them there at the end of the year. This photo record is the basis for billing winter storage.

I will be checking for boats on the grounds for winter storage in the first two weeks of November. If your boat is on the grounds when I check, you will be billed FOR THE TOTAL WINTER STORAGE. There will be no prorating after EYC has billed.

I want to remind everyone who is keeping a boat or boats on the ground to have their name and OR numbers on the trailer as this helps in the checking of boats.

Also, please have the boats in the center island facing west. For anyone who does not know which way west is, the lake is east.