Port Captain Report November 2017

I will be checking and billing any boat that is on the grounds for winter storage soon. If your boat is on the grounds when I check you will be billed for the total winter storage. As I have done in the past,  I will be taking pictures of all boats on the grounds. There will be no prorating after EYC has billed.

If you park in the island, have your boat facing west and your name and OR numbers on the tongue of your trailer. That way I will not need to remove your cover to read your OR numbers. Ground rules require you to have your name on the tongue of your trailer.

If you have sold your boat to a member and have not contacted me you will be billed for the storage to the boat. Please send me an e-mail telling me that have sold your boat, and who is the new owner of your boat.

Remember to cover your boat to keep it dry and safe. Make sure your name an OR numbers are on your trailer so I do not have to mess up your cover. You definitely don’t want me to have messed up your cover when the winter rains and winds arrive.

Starting in January or maybe a little sooner we will start sailing radio controlled one meter boats at the RV park out by Coburg. If you’re interested, please contact me.

Last but not less please check your docks and fingers to make sure that everything is still ok. It is a lot easier to do repairs when the water is out. While you’re doing this, you may find that pair of pliers that you thought you had donated to the water gods, and I can tell you he does not know how to take care of your tools.