Port Captain Report February 2017

You may not have notice but we have had a little rain this year. And at this point are above the curve so...

Get your Moorage Registration Form filled out and back to me. Forms are due by March 19. File early and avoid the rush.

If you did not pay for your wet moorage but only for storage last year you will see that your moorage spot will be row J. If this is the case you will need to complete a Moorage Registration Form and you will be added to the list of new moorages for this year. Or you can register online here.  You will see that there is a PDF and a Word doc file for Moorage. Remember that you need a login and password to get into the moorage page. Contact Ted Walkup or Karen Nousen or me if you need help. We we will need your full name and your correct email address and a password if you have one that you would like to use. After setting you up as a member, you'll be emailed your login and password. If you use the online moorage registration system, remember that your user name is all CAPS. And if you do not know how it is entered then you can look in last year's moorage assignment. If you are a new member requesting moorage, you will need to fill out a Moorage Registration Form.

This year we will have EYC identification stickers for all watercraft that do not need an OR number. It was no problem tracking the two or three we used to have at the club that had moorage spots. But with the numbers increasing, we have come up with a way for the poor Port Captain to track moorage. So if you do not have OR numbers on your watercraft (paddleboards, kayaks, and/or canoes) then you will need to contact me and get an moorage sticker. It will be an EYC burgee with a number in the center. Please affix it to the watercraft on the bow on top or on the starboard side at the bow. If a watercraft does not have a moorage sticker and the Port Captain finds said watercraft, he will lock it up and then you will need to deal with said Port Captain to retrieve your board, boat, or whatever. And remember that I may not be at the club when you would like to use your watercraft. If I'm away on a motorcycle trip it maybe a day or more before I get back.

The new Moorage Registration Forms have a place for the non-OR watercraft, Please list the length and the type. If you have already picked up your sticker there is place to include its number on the form. Please do so.

Remember that we have had some big winds this year and I am sure that we have not seen the last of the rain. You may wish to check your traps and covers. I know that my cover had peeled back about three feet—and it was on the lee-side of the boat. So check your covers so you won't be unpleasantly surprised this spring when you go to launch your boat.