Port Captain Report March 2017

You have less than one week to get your moorage registration requests to me. You can get your same moorage spot or request a new one through the website. If you do not have a login and password, contact me.

If you want a new spot, download either the .pdf or .doc version of the 2017 Moorage Registration Form and return to me by March 19.

If you want the same moorage as last year, click on the 2017 Moorage Request Confirmation. Type in your last name and first initial, click submit, and this should show you a list of your moorage. If you do not know how your last name is in the database, go to Moorage Assignment for 2016 to see how it is listed.

All moorage requests, whether they are for the same spot or a new one, are due to me by March 19.

At this writing the lake fill is right on target. I am looking forward to a year with good water. The long range forecast is an inch above normal for March, so I see no reason to not believe that we will have full pool this year.

We also have two trailer spots that are open. One is Trailer Moorage #35 and the other is Trailer Moorage #12. Check in the March EYC Newsletter for the full posting as per the by-laws.

By default, after Space #35 is assigned, any member who made a request will also be considered for Space #12. So you do not need to email a second request for #12 if you requested #35. But you will need to let me know if you wish to only be considered for #12.