Port Captain Report June 2017

As you are using your boat this season, please look at the hoops, hinge pins, hinges, and tie-bars for the hinges and if you see cracks or other item that need attention please take care of them. On C and D dock look under the mats that cover the hinge points and the small hinges. 

If making repairs is above your skill or comfort level, please contact John Mahoney or Paul Stephens, or you can email me and I will forward your message to John or Paul.

Trailer owners, please make sure that a copies of your keys are with the emergency keys. Club Manager Rich Aaring and I will be doing the walk through and trailer checking and it was not nice last year. Please get a copy of your keys to Rich so we can do the walk through this year without any issues.

I think that I have taken care of all the issue with moorage assignments, but if I have missed something, any please contact me. You can check your moorage on the website under moorage. Also be aware that John and I will be out checking for current OR registration and I will contact you if it's missing. The biggest issue will be the Laser rack as I have several people that would like to have a moorage there. If you do not wish to lose your laser rack moorage, you better get current OR numbers. I have had several people send me scans of the temporary registration and that will work. 

Also if you are using the air-compressor, please make sure that it is turned off before plugging it in. The motor will burn up the plug end if it is on when you plug in the compressor.

Remember, do not leave your boats in the center island. Last weekend there were several boats, please see photo that are in the island and not in the water or in Row J along the fence. The island is for car parking and not boat storage as we are into the sailing season. I will be doing the walk around for moorage, so please have your boats in their correct summer moorage.

The two trailers spot that were open have gone to Jim Weber (TR 33) and Mike Lewis (TR 07)

Now there are two more trailer spots open, TR 11 and TR 24. Please see separate article in the Bulletin for more information.

Happy sailing, and hope to see you at the club.