Port Captain Report July 2017

Here we are at the last month that this year's work party hours can be performed for 2017. There are a couple of projects that need to be done. Please contact John Mahoney or Marji Clune to see what needs to be done.

Also remember that you need to keep the grass mowed under and around your boat/trailer. With the dry weather that we are having and projected into the future, we need to be proactive about the long grass and weeds.

The online moorage is the most up-to-date if you wish to look up moorage information. If you are using someone else’s slip, please be sure to contact that person before mooring your boat. There are several slips on E-dock that can be used, but if the slip has mooring line, someone is all ready using that slip. I know that this is an obvious statement—it is just a reminder.    

And last but on least, please do not call my home. The home phone is our filter for telemarketers, and in most cases, I do not answer it, and check it only maybe once a week. So to contact me please call my office (541-344-1353) as I have the tracking software for moorage there and I check it almost everyday. You cal also reach my on my cell phone (541-913-3400) but remember, if it is about moorage and I am not in my office, I may not be able to help. You can also reach me via email.

Happy sailing and hope to see you at the club,