Port Captain Report September 2017

As the seasons is coming to a close there are several issues that have come to my attention that I'd like to bring to yours.

I will be checking and billing any boat that is on the grounds for winter storage in the first two weeks of November. If your boat is on the grounds when I check, you will be billed for the total winter storage. There will be no prorating after billing. If your boat is on the grounds when I do the counts, it will be billed. So if I check on Saturday and you remove on Sunday you will still be billed for winter storage. (Check Article V, Section 4 of the EYC Bylaws)

If you have not cleaned up under your boat, please do so. Cleaning up includes picking up all plastic and metal bottle caps. Cut the grass and clean up any weeds that may become large over the winter.

After the end of the sailing season and you have pulled your boat, if you are planning to store on the grounds, please orient all boats stored on the island with their bows facing west. Boats on the back fence should have their bows facing east. Your name must be on your trailer (part of the EYC bylaws), and my request is that you have your OR numbers on the trailer. This means I will not have to remove part of your cover to check the OR numbers on the boat. I have the most problem with the catamarans, so if you like the way you cover your boat, please have the OR on the tongue of your boat as I may not cover the same way that you do. I will remove the cover to find OR numbers, and if it is raining I may not replace.

As the year comes to an end, the thought of what might have gone wrong with your slip should be addressed when the water is out. Please remove your spacer boards that cover the dock to slip gap. And secure to your slip they sometimes get removed when the weather is bad. Check the dock pins and hairpin clips the attached the slips to the docks. Look at the tie bars that hold the hinges together. If it is broken of looks cracked please notify John Mahoney, Paul Stephens, or myself so we can get it repaired before winter storms blow in. Check the hoops around your boat for any defects. We will not remove the fingers off of E dock. I found several pins and through bolts that were not tight and were not complete missing hairpin keepers. Please look after your slip as the boat you save may be yours next year.

This winter when the water is out, repair your water lines. If you do not have the skills then talk to the Port Commissioner and I am sure that he can get someone to help you. If you want water on your dock next year, fixes can only happen when you can reach all the lines and that only happens when the water is out of the lake.

I hope to have the information this year from the Corps about the replacement of the dock by the Scout ramp and relocate the Zuma dock. So we may have a dock work party this winter. I will be sure to keep everyone posted.