Port Captain Report January 2018

It's time to start thinking about moorage. This year registration will still be on the EYC website, but it will be a little different. More details on that will be coming very soon.

This year we will have EYC stickers for all watercraft that do not need an OR number. It was no problem tracking the 2 or 3 kayaks and paddleboards we used to have moored at the club. But with the number increasing, we had to come up with a way for the poor Port Captain to keep track of all these new watercraft being moored on the grounds.

If you do not have OR numbers on your watercraft (paddleboards, kayaks, and/or canoes) then you will need to contact me and get a moorage sticker. It will be a small EYC burgee with a number in the center which will need to be affixed to the watercraft on the bow on top or on the starboard side at the bow.

If a watercraft does not have a moorage sticker and the Port Captain finds said watercraft, he will lock it up. Then you will need to deal with me to retrieve your board, boat, or whatever. Keep in mind that I may not be at the club when you would like to use your watercraft. I might even be off on a motorcycle trip, so it could be a day or more before you will regain access to your watercraft.